Patterned Papers as Accents!

A little bit of a patterned paper can go a long way in your wedding invitation design. Today we are talking about small ways to use color to make a big impact on your invitation design and tie it all in together so it just makes sense and is cohesive through and through.
by Laura Mays

RSVP Dates - Everything You Need To Consider for Wedding Success!


When do you set your RSVP date?  

It seems like such a little thing and you feel kind of stupid even asking your stationery designer for help here, but friends, we are here to help you out.

by Laura Mays

Tips and Tricks for Customizing Your Wedding Invitations

I want to talk to you today about something that I am so super passionate about. When I am working with my wedding couples the thing that I do the best for them, is customizing wedding invitations. I absolutely love it when someone comes to me and says, hey Laura - I really love that invitation, but it's not quite me. I want to try something that has a little bit more of a pop of color to it, or I need a pocket added to it, or I'm just not feeling that font, can we do something different?
by Laura Mays

6 Factors to Consider in Your Wedding Invitation Budget

Pricing out wedding invitations doesn't have to be complicated! Read on to see the little things you can do today to help save your wedding invitation budget!
by Laura Mays

Wedding Season is here!

'Tis the season my friends! That's right, we are smack dab in the middle of engagement season. Yes, it's a season. According to Wedding Wire, nearly 40% of all proposals happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day - it makes sense right? All of those perfect romantic holidays in here.

by Laura Mays

What Your Wedding Color Says About Your Personality

What Your Wedding Color Says About Your Personality - LamaWorks

We all have our favorite colors we love - and it can say quite a lot about our personality. Read below and see if these personality traits apply to you - I'd love to know!

by Laura Mays

Branding Your Wedding - Creating Mood Boards


Wedding Mood Boards Invited by LamaWorks

A lot of parties and events these days are branded - why shouldn’t your wedding be? Brainstorming and working on a “brand” for the two of you is a perfect way to plan your wedding.

by Laura Mays

Just Engaged! Step 1 - Breathe

You just got engaged! Congratulations!
So now your mother wants to know at what time the wedding is at. Your future mother in law wants to know where the reception hall is, and how many tables you’ll have because she just found this fabulous deal on...

by Laura Mays
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