How to Change your Wedding Plans in an Emergency (ahem, Covid-19)


Covid-19 has really changed wedding plans -- am I right?

Over the past few weeks I've seen weddings from March through October change their plans in an instant.

First and foremost, know that we are all in this together - couples, families, vendors. All of us are feeling the stress from changing venues, party sizes and supply chain issues. 

Working with my 2020 couples, we've come up with a few key things you can do right now to make your wedding planning easier.

by Laura Mays

Virtual Bridal Show

Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Bridal Show!

What is it?

Most of my clients are worldwide. Sure, I see local couples too, but the vast majority of you all are from all ends of the world.

There's no bridal show for that, so I decided to make my own!

by Laura Mays

Your Pinterest Wedding: Part 2

How did you enjoy our Pinterest exercise from last time? Now what though? You have all of these pretty pins -- now let the pros take over. My job is to take the ideas that you have and turn them into something unique and amazingly you.

by Laura Mays

How to Plan Your Wedding Using Pinterest

You're going to a wedding 6 months out of the year -- I would even place bets that this October, you're going to at least one fall wedding full of all the pretty things!

How do YOU not only stand out from the crowd, but find things that feel true to who you are and not just what the hottest trend is?

by Laura Mays

12 ideas for a Cactus or Succulent Wedding

12 amazing cactus themed wedding ideas
If you are a boho bride, or you live near the desert, a succulent or cactus vibe is perfect for you. You can turn potted cacti plans into centerpieces or favors. Hire a calligrapher to write on them for place cards. Use large cacti on site for photo backdrops. From cute cupcakes to elegant cakes there are so many great ideas out there - I couldn't just choose a few to share today! 
by Laura Mays

Tropical Beach Wedding Inspiration

bright and tropical wedding inspiration

I'm in the mood for summer and I can't stop thinking about all things tropical. Read on for more tropical wedding inspiration!

by Laura Mays

RSVP Dates - Everything You Need To Consider for Wedding Success!


When do you set your RSVP date?  

It seems like such a little thing and you feel kind of stupid even asking your stationery designer for help here, but friends, we are here to help you out.

by Laura Mays

Tips and Tricks for Customizing Your Wedding Invitations

I want to talk to you today about something that I am so super passionate about. When I am working with my wedding couples the thing that I do the best for them, is customizing wedding invitations. I absolutely love it when someone comes to me and says, hey Laura - I really love that invitation, but it's not quite me. I want to try something that has a little bit more of a pop of color to it, or I need a pocket added to it, or I'm just not feeling that font, can we do something different?
by Laura Mays

Emily and Tyler

bold modern wedding invitation invited by lamaworks
I am so excited to share this brand new design with you today!
Say hello to Emily and Tyler friends!
by Laura Mays

6 Factors to Consider in Your Wedding Invitation Budget

Pricing out wedding invitations doesn't have to be complicated! Read on to see the little things you can do today to help save your wedding invitation budget!
by Laura Mays
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