Your Pinterest Wedding: Part 2

How did you enjoy our Pinterest exercise from last time? Now what though? You have all of these pretty pins -- now let the pros take over. My job is to take the ideas that you have and turn them into something unique and amazingly you.

Dress up Your Wedding Invitations with Luxury Laser Cut Folders

Want to add an elegant touch to your wedding invitations? 

Try adding some laser cut designs to your invitations! As simple or as elaborate as you want, you can spice up your invitations to make them uniquely you.

What to Include on an Info Card

I see it a lot when it comes to wedding planning. 

The Invitation is pretty straight forward ... 

- who is getting married? 

- when? 

- where? 

 .... but then you get to that mysterious additional information card and that's where my couples freeze up. What exactly needs to go on there? 

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