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DIY Invitations

Everyone is trying to save a bit where they can on weddings right?  I get it and I'm here to help. 

Totally Do it Yourself

If you are confident in your graphic design skills, go totally DIY!

I am happy to provide assistance in picking paper colors and sizes with you. It's like going to a paper studio but without the hassle of sitting there for hours pouring over paper and it gives you plenty of time to look things through and not have to make a decision on the spot.

Most papers and envelopes can be printed in any home printer. I can provide some home printing tips, but each printer is different, so make sure you know what you're getting yourself into! I caution against using ink jet printers on shimmery paper.

I'll put together a sketch of the colors and shapes that you are looking at to make sure everything fits together.  With your approval I'll send you an invoice, order the paper and have it shipped directly from my supplier to you.  

**Under NO circumstances do I provide digital files for you to print, nor do I provide a list of the font names that I use. I'll be truthful - I'm persnickety about printing and I only allow for my designs to be printed on printers that I trust.

Do it Yourself Kit

So you like the idea of DIY but are overwhelmed by the design process?

Let me help! I am happy to do the heavy design work for you. I'll nail down the sizes, the colors and get your graphics perfectly designed. I'll get everything printed and cut and mail it to you to finish taping all of the layers of paper together! 

If you can scrapbook, you can assemble your invitations! It isn't a lot of work but can save you $0.35 up to over $1.00 per invite depending on how much there is to assemble.