Tri-fold Table Number and Menu - Felicity and Peter

$ 5.00

This piece serves a dual purpose. Set it in the middle of the table to serve as your table numbers and provide each table with a copy of the menu. Many brides order 2 per table so they sit on each side of your centerpieces.

These are printed on a 4x5" z-card (5.5"x12.75" when unfolded). The paper used in the photos is a shimmery white. However, the size of the card and the paper color can be changed to fit your table decor.


Single sided Menu cards are $5.00 each and include printing on both eh front and back sides.


I work with the Envelopments brand of paper. They have over 250 different papers to choose from in matte, shimmery and patterned papers. Please see the Paper Colors page for a full view of my options!


DESIGN CHANGES  - Don't waste time changing, colors, pocket styles, adding to your cart and comparing prices. I'll make it easy for you - CLICK HERE and fill out a consultation form detailing out what you want and let me do the rest.

Within 48 hours you'll receive a picture of what your new design would look like along with pricing information and we can tweak it from there.


These table numbers are custom orders only so it is importatnt to start early! It will take at least one week to work on all of the fine details of your specific food options.  These are also special enough that I only order paper for them when requested - that also takes 10-14 days so please plan these at least 4 weks before your wedding to be safe! To get your order moving, I need to know what paper color you are looking for and how many you need.  I know that you may not have your final head count that early, but your best guess is appreciated. I will order more paper than you ask for just in case, but please try to be within 5.

Once you are ready to go, purchase the $25 deposit from the drop down menu and I'll contact you to take care of the rest.

SHIPPING - All orders are insured and ship Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 business days domestically and 10-15 business days internationally. You will receive tracking information as soon as it ships. Expedited shipping is available if needed.


Hey, planning a wedding is hard, and you may not have thought to start your programs, menus, place cards, etc. until just a few weeks before your wedding. It happens.

I can still accommodate rush orders. Any order placed less than ONE MONTH before your wedding will include an additional 15% or $25 whichever is greater. I add in this fee since I will typically need to push your designs out faster than usual and other clients will need to get bumped to accommodate your deadline.

It is rare that I have enough paper on hand, so we will also need to rush the shipping on your paper order to get it here in time. This is usually about $15-$60 depending on how fast we need it to get here.