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6 tips for choosing colors for your wedding stationery

6 tips for choosing colors for your wedding ststionery - LamaWorks


Color, color, color.  Everyone always asks about your wedding colors. Your wedding colors will set the tone for your big day. They're the strands that join all the elements, from bridesmaids dresses to signature drinks, together.

The invitation is your guests’ first peek at your wedding style. Along with listing the location and time of the day, the invitation style hints to the formality of your wedding. Depending on the type of event you’re throwing, modern, glam or classic and elegant - you can choose an invitation style that hits the same note.

So your colors are pewter, blush pink with hints of blue and gold and all things metallic.  Do you need them all in your invitations?

1. Keep it simple

Sometimes the most beautiful invitations are on white paper with black ink. List only the key points on your invitation - the ceremony time and location, the couple’s names and RSVP information. Trying to squeeze too much information onto the invitations will make it hard to read and will not look as elegant.

2. Less is always more

Even though you have 5 colors, try using no more than 2, 3 if you absolutely must.  My rule of thumb is usually to keep things as neutral as possible, with just a few pops of color. Too many different colors can leave the invitation looking messy and disjointed.

Amelia and Joshua - LamaWorks

3. Keep it easy to read

Just because you have an all pink wedding doesn’t mean your text should be pink. Your guests need to be able to clearly read all of the details - keep your grandma in mind! Yellows and pastels are hard to read, so if you are going to go with those, make sure the background contrasts enough for the colors to pop. Or better yet, work the difficult colors into the design, rather than text. Be wary of hard to read fonts - fonts that have an overly scripted typeface - you want to avoid people having to get in contact to be able to find out where to go!

4. Try something unexpected

My favorite, favorite thing to do is use a pop of color for an RSVP envelope.  Just imagine … you send out your wedding invitations and you wait and wait for responses to come in.  You dig through the mail every day, boring bills and official letters.  If you had pink or gold envelopes - you would immediately see those and do a little happy dance because that color stood straight out. Everyone gets excited over (hot pink, anyone?) happy mail!  

5. Classic is always the safest route

If you don’t have a clear vision for what you love you can’t go wrong with black and white. It goes with any color pallet and wedding theme.  Are you a bit less traditional? Try kraft paper with gray text!

Jovonnie and Jacob LamaWorks

6. Think outside the box

Having a navy and gold wedding?  Why not try navy paper with gold ink? Or Navy with white ink - super high contrast, modern and unexpected.

No matter what unique invitation style you choose, make it your own! Focus on what type of invitation matches you and your fiance’s personalities best. Although you want your special day to stand out, staying true to your personal style is the key to choosing the perfect invitation.

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