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More About me

My name is Laura Mays and I am your stationery expert. I help creative and busy couples to design their perfect and unique wedding invitation by working one on one with you to create a design that is truly yours. 

I have been designing wedding stationery since 2008 and one thing that I have learned is that no two weddings are the same. You have spent hours, days, months researching the perfect wedding details and you deserve to get it right. Today is the day you stop the endless scrolling, hand your ideas over and let me take some of that research work for you.


I believe that every invitation deserves to be custom. I have done the legwork of finding the perfect paper vendors that aren't flimsy or cheap looking.  I've got the graphics, the fonts and all the technical know how to make your beautiful ideas come to life.

My friends might think that I'm a bit nutty about printed products and a smidge bit critical about it, but I only print what I think it the best. I print most orders myself at my design studio - one, by one with my own two hands. 

You can also add sophistication and grace to your design with letterpress, thermography, gold foil or embossing - I send those pieces out to only my most trusted printers. They know me by name and always give me beautiful, high end products.

You can find me at my studio designing, printing and trimming a few hours every week. You can find me right next door to Lavish Floral Design on 10th and Maine and along side Sara Elizabeth Weddings to combine the powers of flowers, event design and invitations.  My hours change week by week depending on our schedules so it's always best to email me first to schedule an appointment.


BONUS - Extra fun facts about me!

Nerd alert
While not exactly traditional, I have a background in biomedical engineering. I have a masters degree in neurorehabilitation engineering but gave it all up to start a family and a career that allowed me the freedom to work how I wanted, when I wanted and with my kids by my side.

Mays, party of seven!
 At least one of my four boys or that beautiful baby girl is with me on any given day. I take breaks to snuggle. I pause to play catch. I work the most random hours ever, but it works for our family.

It all started when...
My friend Matt challenged us to find a way to donate to the American Cancer Society without just writing a check. He challenged us to DO something and make it a meaningful project.

Knit one, purl two
The first products I sold were actually knit hats, mittens and scarves!

Nerd alert, part two
I'm a HUGE music geek. I play the flute weekly in our church choir and in the pit for our community theater. I play the violin with my kids to help them with their lessons and I play piano at least once a day - music is my love language.

Service to my community
I believe in the power of community and giving back. When I'm not working or helping out at school, you can find me volunteering throughout our community with Quincy Service League.

Inclusive Catholic education and Down syndrome
I have a really big passion for inclusive Catholic education. I have a son with Down syndrome and we are huge advocates for him in our community and helping him learn right alongside his peers at our Catholic School.