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What Your Wedding Color Says About Your Personality

What Your Wedding Color Says About Your Personality - LamaWorks


We all have our favorite colors we love - and it can say quite a lot about our personality. Read below and see if these personality traits apply to you - I'd love to know!


The shade of blue that you select indicates whether you're introspective (royal or pale blue) or more of an extrovert (turquoise and aqua). Blue belles are patient, wise, well-balanced, and beloved for their ability to take everything into perspective.

You are approachable and friendly, always making people feel welcome in your life. You have a thirst for knowledge in order to gain wisdom and appear knowledgeable in whatever area interests you.

Color Personality - LamaWorks

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Spontaneous, boisterous, and always on-trend, you have boundless energy to burn. You enjoy partying and socializing and planning all types of social events - orange people are the life of the party, the uninhibited performer!

Whether you choose spicy, autumnal hues or bright pops of color, your zest for life and fun personality is what friends and family love most about you.

Color personality - LamaWorks

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You're compassionate, sweet, feminine and demure. With your optimistic and positive outlook on life, you see the good in everyone. A diehard romantic at heart, you embody the same qualities as red fanatics, except softened up a bit.

You are friendly and approachable with a warmth and softness others are drawn to.

Wedding color personality - LamaWorks

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Passionate, fiercely loyal, impulsive, and a natural-born leader, odds are that your wedding will be luxe and dramatic (in the best possible way). You like to be the center of attention - in fact all reds crave attention - other people are drawn to the vitality and sense of excitement you emit.

You are ambitious and competitive and like to be the winner - you are achievement orientated and second place is not good enough for you. 

Colo personality - LamaWorks

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Timelessly elegant, noir brides want a wedding that could never be dated from the wedding photos alone. You're classic, mysterious, dignified and sexy in a sophisticated way. You are independent, strong-willed and determined and like to be in control of yourself and situations.

You are methodical in your work, making sure everything is completed as required, down to the last detail. 

Color personality - LamaWorks

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You have a strong independent streak in you, and are selective with your choice of friends, keeping a small group of close and like-minded friends rather than being involved in team events or large social gatherings.

You are a smart dresser and always dress to impress. You are creative, often being the one who comes up with new ideas - an ideas person who needs others to bring the ideas into reality - you tend to have your head in the clouds much of the time.

Color personality - LamaWorks

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You have a peaceful and tranquil quality and a quiet dignity about you. People are drawn to your charismatic and alluring energy.You are usually introverted rather than extroverted and may give the impression of being shy although this is not the case.

You inspire others with your creative thinking and your ability to deal positively with adversity. With a personality color purple you like to have the best of everything, so you aim high.

Color personality - LamaWorks

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Do you agree with what the colors say about different personalities? What's your favorite color?  



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