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Just Engaged! Step 1 - Breathe

Just Engaged Step 1 Breathe

You just got engaged! Congratulations!
So now your mother wants to know at what time the wedding is at. Your future mother in law wants to know where the reception hall is, and how many tables you’ll have because she just found this fabulous deal on candelabras. Your best friend wants to know if these shoes will match her maid of honor dress {she is the maid of honor right?}. Your dad wants to know how much it is going to cost him. Just like that - wedding planning suddenly became overwhelming.
Step one - relax, take a deep breath and just enjoy your revel in the moment.
Push them all aside and just enjoy this first phase of being engaged. Enjoy your new fiance, buy every bridal magazine you can find and just dream. Dream not just only of your wedding but of your wonderful future together. You are building a new life together and what comes next follows will be so amazing. Beyond that one day you are starting your future family.
So don’t worry about colors and, flowers and an itinerary for the day quite yet. There is plenty of time for that - I promise!
I’m so excited to share this awesome, amazing, (slightly terrifying) journey with you.

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