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Branding Your Wedding - Creating Mood Boards

A lot of parties and events these days are branded - why shouldn’t your wedding be? Brainstorming and working on a “brand” for the two of you is a perfect way to plan your wedding. And the outcome will not just be gorgeous, but personal, memorable, and all about you two.


Branding Your Wedding - Invited by LamaWorks

Where to start?

What is the mood of your wedding? Close your eyes - what does your wedding look like? Is it serious and formal with mounds of flowers, lace and candles? Is it outside at a park with rustic burlap, lace and tree stumps for all to sit on?  Is it ocean side with sand and sea at your back, lemony yellow bridesmaids dresses and peachy pink flowers? It should capture your dreams for your wedding - how you want it to not only look but also feel.

Pick your colors

What colors stand out to you most? Which ones are your primary colors and which are your accent colors? Keep it to no more than 3-4 colors.
    • i.e. bridesmaids dresses are a main color, flowers are a main color, but ribbon on a vase might be a small accent, or a pop of another color in a boutonniere is another smaller accent

Here's an example:


Hey Wedding Lady - Wedding Mood Board - heyweddinglady.com

Image credit: Hey Wedding Lady @ www.heyweddinglady.com


Dresses and flowers are berry, floral accents are green, but there are small accents of gold in each


This is where the inspiration boards really come into play. Are there patterns and textures that you love? Burlap? Glitter? Lace? Moss? Choose colors and textures that work well with your ideal venue. Bold colors set a vibrant mood, gold and black give the whole event a high-end feel. Pastel colors give a soft and dreamy feel or if you want to go vintage, choose wood and other organic textures.


Take branding all the way with a custom logo that you can use on everything from save the dates to napkins. Your save-the-date cards and wedding invitations are the first things your guests see so it is important you work with your stationer when you customize the look of them. You can choose anything from monograms to a motif that symbolizes the importance of your relationship and unity to you. Whatever it is you decide to choose, use it throughout your wedding.


This is the last step where using your inspiration board will really help vendors bring your wedding to life - from a vision to reality.

A mood board will help you with two things when it comes to planning. Firstly it is a great tool to keep you on track with your original vision. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you keep finding new ideas on Pinterest. But secondly it makes it easier for you to communicate with your suppliers.

Show them your inspiration board together with your wedding stationery, color theme and fonts.

 Wedding Mood Board - Invitation Set - Invited by LamaWorks


Your florist will then recommend flowers and colors that complement the theme you are going for. The catering company will help you pick linens, plates and napkins that work with your theme. Maybe even choose your welcome drink - Bellini for a summer wedding with a blush theme anyone?

And of course, the wedding cake will be the center piece of your wedding so do make sure that it reflects your brand as well.


Wedding Mood Board - Invited by LamaWorks


What do you think about "branding your wedding"? Is this something you would like to do? Let me know in the comments!


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