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Do you need Rehearsal Dinner Invitations?

You're planning a wedding! AND all of the "other" events that happen surrounding your engagement. Which means, in addition to your wedding, you're having to think about wedding showers, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, and a rehearsal dinner!

Thinking logistically, many rehearsal dinners are planned by the groom’s family. This makes a couple wonder-  do I need a rehearsal dinner invitation? If so, how do I get the details to my guests? Is this included with my invitation suite? Is this a separate invitation altogether? Who decides on the design? When do I let people know the details?  Hopefully this post provides you some clarity around the process, as it relates to your paper and stationery needs. 

Readers, please note I am using bride and groom in this post, but it is not meant in exclusive terms! 

Naturally, this process leads to a lot of questions, and some confusion. However, I have answers and some reassurances for you in the process. 


The question: Do I need Rehearsal Dinner Invitations?

The Answer: YES! 

There are two main ways to handle rehearsal dinner invitations. 

  1. You send them out with your main invitation 
  2. You send them out separately

It may seem pretty simple, but logistically, it does take a bit more planning and foresight.  

You’ll really need to coordinate this with your in-laws, or the people hosting the rehearsal dinner.  My general rule of thumb is to talk to whomever is hosting the event. They may want ownership of the invite to really show up as the official HOST and delineate this as a separate event. Others are more practical and just want everyone to get the info at the the same time as the invites.

Traditionally, your wedding party + out-of-town guests are in attendance at the rehearsal dinner. If EVERYONE on the guest list is invited to the rehearsal dinner, things are really simplified. 

But if you’re choosing guests based on the traditional guidelines, you may want to give yourself a little extra time and send the rehearsal dinner invites separately (as in, mailed separately, with the RSVP going to the dinner planner), at either the same time as the invitations or a couple of days later, to ensure the main invitation has arrived. You absolutely CAN include it with your main suite, but keep in mind you may need a little extra postage for those envelopes, as you’ll have at least 2 extra pieces of paper.   

Another opinion is to consider a digital invite (and RSVP). I have several digital options here. 

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What I love about a digital invite is that it’s less time restrictive.

If you’re still working out the details of the rehearsal dinner (perhaps you’re waiting to see who your YES guests might be or your future in-laws need a bit more time to get the details together),  but your main invitation needs to go out, you can direct guests to a virtual details website or invitation that buys you a little more time!  I love the option for a QR code as well, it makes it even easier!  

It also allows your in-laws to feel a bit more involved in the process- they may have a theme or design idea that isn’t 100% in alignment with the rest of your carefully crafted suite. You can direct them to some complimentary options, while still giving them a choice. If you are working with me on invitations already, just send them my way! I'm happy to design up something that compliments your wedding invitations but stands out as a unique design - that's one of the perks of hiring a wedding pro! This eases tension! 

I don’t have a collection of invitations that are specifically for rehearsal dinners, but you can take any of the bridal shower invitations in my Everyday Celebrations category and change the wording around - they would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner!  Find invitation options here. 

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