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How to Change your Wedding Plans in an Emergency (ahem, Covid-19)

Covid-19 has really changed wedding plans -- am I right?

Over the past few weeks I've seen weddings from March through October change their plans in an instant.

First and foremost, know that we are all in this together - couples, families, vendors. All of us are feeling the stress from changing venues, party sizes and supply chain issues. 

Working with my 2020 couples, we've come up with a few key things you can do right now to make your wedding planning easier.

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Step 1 - Stay calm, be patient and be prepared

Easier said than done, I know, but there aren't solid answers at this point. The best advice I can give my couples is to be prepared and know that I am here to guide and help you.

You're getting married in August, but will there even BE weddings in August? All we can do is hope and plan as if there will be. I am a firm believer in positive thinking, even when it's hard.

Might it look different than you imagined? Yes.
Will there be headaches along the way? Probably.
Will your vendors support you? Absolutely.

Depending on how many months out you are, keep planning. Keep the dream moving and be patient when your vendors just don't know quite what to tell you yet.

For me, my biggest challenge is my supply chain. As stay at home orders change and vary by state, my suppliers are changing weekly and to be honest - my number one go to supplier for paper has been closed for 6 weeks now. We had issues in January when another vendor in China closed down and when Germany stopped allowing shipments out of the country.

Here's what you need to know though - it's not the end of the world and I have a plan B too! 

My degree is in engineering and if you know anything about engineering, we train our entire lives for 'what if it fails?' I am constantly looking 3 steps ahead to see where we might have problems and I'm either trying to stop them now, or I've got a plan in case it falls apart. It's a train of thought that's built into my bones (just ask my poor husband).

We might need to make slight changes to colors, we may need to use different pocket styles, but that as long as we are all flexible and patient, we'll make it happen and it will be beautiful.

Step 2 - Get a plan B or even C together

I would plan now for a backup - be it later in 2020, or a move to 2021, or a small wedding now and a reception next year. Whatever it is, it's really wise to have a backup option or two until we start to see a more clear path ahead of us.

From a stationery standpoint, we can use these options to our advantage. We can add lines to your info card that say...

"In the event that our date must change, please keep October 23rd open. We will make a final decision no later than August 1st"

"Please keep an eye on our website for any change that might occur"

"We hope that all of these plans will still be in place,  but please understand that our date, venue and even the size of our guest list may need to change. If any of those things occur, we will send out another mailing."

We can give everyone a heads up NOW on any backup plans you might have and when you'll be making decisions. It should avoid 500 phone calls coming in asking you what you're doing.

Step 3 - Pull the trigger and be ready to make fast changes

Most importantly though, at some point you need to go with it and pull the trigger.

You might need to send your invites out 8-12 weeks ahead of your wedding, and then 4 weeks before send out another mailing moving the date, but you can't wait until 4 weeks before to send anything out. 

I'll help you out there too! We can plan everything now, get paper ordered and then just wait. I print most orders in house, so I don't need more than 1-2 weeks to get everything printed and mailed to you. 

Worst case, if you need to change your date, all of my current clients are offered change of date cards for just the cost needed to print them. I can't in good faith, not help out clients that I've been working with for the last few months.

Need a quick change the date card to send out?

Check out my new section of instant downloads you can edit and print or text out in a jiffy! Printing services are also available!

Instant Downloads 

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