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The Gratitude Collection - FAQs

the gratitude collection - faq's

We are just a week away from the release of The Gratitude Collection and today I want to share with you some questions that have been coming in - and just some other info that I think you'll want to know!

you sell wedding invitations - why this???

True, true. Most of my business revolves around all things wedding. 

Girlfriend needs a break from weddings sometimes. Just a mental break from brides, a design break to do something that isn't designed around wedding paper, a new challenge.

With that said though, I've also spent a lot of time finding just the right product. I've been selling social stationery for years, but truth be told, I never liked it. I always crinkled up my nose when an order came in and I realized this year that it was because those designs were boring. They weren't ME and they looked like the other 40,000 stationery products for sale on Etsy.

Finding the right printer to help me with hand bordered envelopes has given me a product that I feel is very me, it speaks to my clients and is unique and special.



what is the kindness challenge?

I believe in kindness, joy and gratitude. I believe that a positive attitude keeps your spirits high. I believe that a few kind words to a friend can change their day.

One goal that I've had for 2019 is to find ways to do kind things for my friends - things that they haven't asked me to do. I started adding their birthdays to my Google calendar with a reminder 1 week before. Each month I tried to choose a few friends to send a card to along with a gift card for coffee, pizza or something I thought they might enjoy.

I had months that I was awesome and a lot of birthdays that I missed, but I started and I did it and it felt good.

Starting that lead me to the idea for the Kindness Challenge. I want to move beyond birthdays in 2020, I want to find other reasons to send a note, a gift - anything small. I don't want to feel constrained to just birthdays - I honestly felt guilty when a specific friend's birthday was missed, I would rather do things that are more seemingly random.

So Social Media Coordinator Allison and I started putting our heads together. Why not celebrate # holidays in fun ways??

- it's national sandwich day - invite a friend out to lunch!

- it's national nachos day - go out for chips and queso after work with a friend you haven't seen in awhile

- it's national coffee day - send your best friend $5 to starbucks

- it's national love your dog day - take a note of thanks and some cookies to your vet's office

Honestly guys, this challenge is as much for me as it is for you because I want to be the kind of person that does this. I want to be the person that brings a smile to someone's face today.

Every month you'll see just a few prompts for ways you can be kind - put them on your calendar and set a reminder for 1 week before so you don't forget, and if you need to plan something you have time. Then set a promise to yourself that you'll actually DO some of them - not all, maybe just 1 per month is totally great!


OK, we've gone through the sappy stuff, let's get to the details.

There will be 3 colors available! Burgundy, Hunter Green, and White - all tipped in gold. You can also purchase a multi pack that has 4 envelopes of each color.

These aren't just envelopes that I buy on a whim, they are custom made for me, so once they're gone they're gone. 

You'll see 3 new colors available in late January, April, June and September. Each season will have fresh colors that work well for that time of year so you'll always have a fresh collection.




when will they ship?

All orders will ship just a few days after they are ordered. The envelopes and paper are all here ready and waiting.

what is the deadline for Christmas?

All orders need to be placed by December 15 in order to receive them before Christmas.

How many are in a box?

There are 12 cards and envelopes in each box!

Are they blank cards or cards with designs?

They will all come with printed designs on them unless you tell me that you specifically want them blank! You'll have 3 choices for flat cards and 3 for folded cards - those will be revealed next week! If you happen to be seeing this post after launch day, you'll find the design options right in the listings.

I absolutely cannot wait until these are live and you can finally order them! The Gratitude Collection launches November 14th! Those that are on the email list will be able to start shopping at 10 am, the rest of the world at 1pm, so if you want early access, sign up for the email list below! Quantities will be limited

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