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Wedding RSVP Card Wording - Food Choices.

I've seen it all you guys and I've talked to couples as they're getting their RSVP's organized for their wedding day stationery, so listen up today for some tips - not rules - to getting your food selections right on your wedding RSVP cards.

Meal choices, dietary restrictions, allergies, plated meals - think about what you have going on at your wedding and let's walk through some of the options.

wedding invitation RSVP cards - how to deal with food choices

Rule #1 - and this IS a rule, lol - keep your RSVP cards simple

The more you have going on, the less people know what to do. Trust me, people really don't know how to fill these things out, you'll be shocked.


I know it's tempting to tell them their options are a grilled filet of beef with blue cheese crumbles ... or a roasted bone in chicken breast with pomodoro sauce. Resist the urge to give them all the information and keep it simple - beef, chicken vegetarian.  


This gives you flexibility to change your menu as you get closer to your wedding and have one last tasting. It also prevents overcrowding on the card - they're so small, and if it's not clear and easy to read, people get lost.


Suggestion #2 - "please initial a meal selection for each guest"

Don't forget to ask them to initial a meal choice, not just mark a meal choice. If they make a meal selection, you'll need to know that for your place or escort cards so your caterers know where to put each plate.


Suggestion #3 - leave room for special requests

If you are worried that some of your guests will have a special diet or allergies, leave a line at the bottom that says:

Dietary requests ______________

Your caterer may not be able to accommodate all requests, but they all do what they can. and your guests will appreciate the kind consideration.

Even if you don't have meal choices, this is a handy little line to have on there so you can make sure you are prepared if you have 10 peanut allergies.

Have more questions? During your design process we'll go through any questions and logistics that make your wedding unique.

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