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What you are missing out on if you don’t have wedding day stationery.

Wedding Day Paper - all the things you'll forget Invited by LamaWorks

Have you started thinking about your wedding day stationery yet??

'Um .... my what???'

You have no idea how often I get emails - "help! My wedding is in 2 weeks and I totally forgot I need ......"

Don't worry dear friend, I'm here to help you out. Let's talk about all of the wedding day paper you might just have forgotten about and let's give you enough time to think about it so you can really nail the details!

Wedding Programs - Tell Your Story - Invited by LamaWorks

Wedding Ceremony Paper

The biggest thing you might want for your wedding ceremony are programs. They are a great way to make sure your wedding guests are engaged in the most important part of the day - those sacred moments when you say your vows.
Your grandma might want to know which bridesmaid is which and what part of your life she belongs to. Your friend from college might want to know who the amazing string quartet is so she can hire them for her next event too.

But beyond that, you might also want to consider a much more detailed program. Consider you and your guests and your your similarities and differences. Do your guests share your cultural and religious background? If you are having a culturally rich ceremony - use your program to explain the rituals your guests will be witnessing. They'll love that you added those details to help them out along the way and to enrich their connection to your day.

After programs, you might also need an 'in memory' sign to go with flowers for your departed loved ones, or maybe tags for your bubbles or seeds to throw after the ceremony.

 Wedding Escort Cards or Place Cards - Invited by LamaWorks

Wedding Reception Paper

The list here is more lengthy and so important. Theses are the little details that everyone will notice! You can also use your reception paper as an accent to the other decorations you have going on. Do you have white linens, white napkins, white plates galore? Why not add in a pop of pink with some menus, or luscious gold place cards to the table? You can add so much depth to your tables with the colors in your paper.

You might consider:
Seating Chart
"in lieu of favors...." signs
Signature Drink Signs
Card Box Sign
Welcome Sign
Social Media # Signs
Mr. and Mrs. signs for your chairs
Monogrammed drink napkins

Wedding Thank You Cards, Bridal Shower Thank You | Invited by LamaWorks

The next day ....

OK, maybe not the NEXT day, but you'll need paper after your wedding too - say what?  

Thank you cards - don't forget about thank you cards!!!! Of course you can wait until you have your wedding photos back to send photo cards, just remember how many months it will take your photographer to edit the photos, then add in another 2-4 weeks for your stationer to make you pretty cards.

It's always safe though to stock up on thank you cards ahead of time for all of those showers your friends and family have had for you right? Go generic with just 'thank you', add in your new monogram or your married names - anything goes! Just don't forget to send them!!

So start shopping already!!! There's a handy navigation bar at the top of the page that will help you find everything you need - I've got you covered!!
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Place Card Sale Invited by LamaWorks

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