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3 Colors You Should Consider to Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out From the Crowd


Laura Mays
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I had a client come in for a consult last week and she came in saying 'My style is classic and traditional, but not boring. I want a pop of something unique and fun'. YES FRIEND! ME TOO!!!! 

So who ever said wedding invitations had to be white? No one. Now white and ivory are great and classic and traditional and they will still be the bulk of what I design with, but let's try today to think outside of that box and flex our creativity a bit hey?


Gray Crest Wedding Invitations

An easy step out of the white box is to go with gray. It's a very classic neutral color that isn't totally out there but it's different enough that your guests will take moment to say 'Is that gray?? It's unique!'

Trust me - they will!

Now you can go with any of the 50 shades of gray. The design shown here uses 3 shades - remember that keeping to the same color family ads depth to a design.  

 The invitation and cards here are printed on a lovely light gray. The sage green text still looks distinctly green to give you just a bit of color, but it's a little more muted on the gray. You also have a darker layer of gray behind that and the entire ensemble closes together with lighter envelopes that are almost white, but with just a hint of gray - London Fog - it's a great color name - they are just a bit foggy.

Shades of blue

Shades of blue are another great alternative to white! Again - we have shades of the same tones in this design to keep it all cohesive. That slate blue holds the design together.

 It has gray tones that coordinate with the gray cards, but also blue tones to hold that blue card together. 

 On the opposite end, consider going dark! Navy looks amazing with metallic gold text or silver or even white! There are so many options!

Now let me tell you a bit about knockoffs here ... I mean no disrespect to those ... we'll call them lower end invitation stores ... there is a place for everyone in the industry, but this is a place I want to point out a huge difference. These big box designers essentially design with a blue rectangle and white text - they print THAT on white paper. 

What you see above is actually blue paper with gold text. YES! Your paper is blue through and through! You won't flip it over and see a glaring white back. You won't see streaks on the front from the deluge of blue ink. I use vendors that have specialty digital printers that actually apply white, metallic gold or metallic silver ink right onto the paper. Or if you really want a high end look - let's go with foil! 

{spoiler alert - I just got a sample from a vendor that uses copper foil on navy paper and it's the most amazing thing I've seen and I need one of y'all to give me a reason to create that!!}


Almond - let me swoon over almond here! So the photo here - you have an ivory RSVP card paired with an almond envelope.

Not a huge difference, but it's such a nice, warm color! You can use it for your invitations as something a bit different, or pair it with ivory for for an extra touch of something special. 

There are so many colors out there friend. I have more than 250 to work with and that's just from ONE paper vendor. Don't be afraid to let your creativity flow! Don't feel like you have any rules to follow! Your wedding should reflect who YOU are - classic, traditional, quirky, loud, whimsical, delicate, bold - whatever that is let me know! I'll help you put your personality into the little details of your wedding!

What colors would you use?

Even if you don't have a design in mind yet, click the button below and just reach out! Tell me more about your vision and I'll guide you towards the right pieces for your wedding!

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