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The story behind my love for stationery.

I have a new product launching this week and there's a story behind it that I really want to share with you! I have 4 kids - ages 8, 6, 4 and 18  months - all boys if you want to digest what my life looks like.

letter writing for kids

It gets overwhelming sometimes to think of your job as a parent. We are molding these little lives and we often find ourselves saying ‘gosh, if we don’t let them try xyz are we changing the course of their lives?’

I know, it’s really not that dramatic, but it feels like that sometimes. With my oldest now I’m starting to see just how much he acts like we do and has the same interests that we do - they really are mini me’s.

So we talk a lot about what our family goals are - and to be honest, having a child with a disability has changed our dreams a lot. Not in a bad, way, but it’s adjusted our view of the things that really matter. What matters to us is that our boys grow up to be kind. That they see other human beings and say ‘how can I help you?’ We want them to find joy whatever that means to them. It doesn't have to be as a doctor or climbing the ladder for a fancy job title. True joy in the every day.

So that’s where these stationery kits for kids come from. Think about the last time you got a note in the mail. I got one a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful little card with a painting on the front. A friend was writing to thank me for thinking of her on her birthday. It meant the world to me.
I’m not a girl that goes over the top. I don’t throw larger than life parties. I don’t buy extravagant gifts. I don’t have matching party favors and banners and candy bar wrappers at my kids parties.
With my friend, we went out to lunch ON her birthday, we made time for it on that particular day because that matters. We had a lovely time and over the course of lunch we talked about a cookbook that she said she would love to own. Low and behold, I had that cookbook, wrapped up my copy and dropped it off as a surprise at the restaurant I knew she was dining at with her family that night.
Were any of those things huge? Nope.
Did I make her day absolutely magical and over the top? Not really.
Did I pay attention and remember the little things about her? I did - and that’s what mattered.
We live in a world where our kids think every party and every lunch box needs to be magical and hand crafted, decorated and magical. I’m not that mom.
I want my kids to see joy in the little things. I want them to see how much a small act of kindness - like writing a note to a friend to say thank you. Or slipping a note into Nana’s suitcase as she packs up to leave.

 letter writing kits for kids

So that’s the story behind these stationery sets for kids. They are really for my kids. I want them to spread joy and kindness and put a smile on someone’s face.

kids stationery

cute stationery

letter writing set for kids
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