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5 Ways to Make Custom Wedding Invitations Work for You!

5 Ways to Make Custom Invitations Work for You

What does the word "custom" mean to you? To me, it could mean a variety of things you can add to make your wedding your own. However, there is a difference between the words 'custom' and 'customized'! The way I see it, "custom" comes from a blank slate -- it's created from scratch.

Creating customized wedding invitations is my bread and butter - it's what I love to do! I take one invitation design and change things about it to make it your own to fit your wedding design. I can take your style and change things about it to make it uniquely you - it might be a change of color, font, pocket style, adding wax seals -- you name it!

Together, we can change your invitations around to make it your own to fit your wedding design and budget. Here are some tips to help navigate custom wedding invitations, and how to make them work for you!

Pick out a pocket style that matches your vibe!

Wax Seals!

Incorporate wax seals within your invitation design process! 

Check out the different fonts and designs you can choose from!


I know sometimes it can be awkward -- but don't forget to tell me your budget!

Depending on what type of invitation you are looking for, I can help you decide what will work best for your budget! Tell me what your budget is, and we can make your chosen invitations fit your style AND your budget.

Whether it means that we need to pick you a different pocket style or try a different printing method, I will work with you to create the perfect invitation!

Pocket Styles and Pricing

There are many different types of pocket styles!

Which one works best for your budget? Check out the different types and decide for yourself!

Printing Styles

Printing styles can vary -- from the high-end luxury printing like foil stamping, to just digital printing! 

What is your favorite printing style?


Are you having a fall wedding? Spring wedding? Is your style more classic, glam, bohemian, or more rustic? Look through some different styles to help you decide what fits you best!  Have no clue where to start? Pinterest is your best friend! Check out some of my boards for inspiration, and maybe create a mood board to fit what you're feeling! We can work together to create an invitation that will really give your guests an inside look on what your wedding will be like!


Not sure what style is your favorite?

I have lots of different styles of invitations on my website! Check out some of the different collections and see which one best fits your wedding vision or mood board -- there are more where these came from!

Candace and JR


There are so many colors to choose from when it comes to picking out wedding invitations! I have paper swatches for DAYS. We'll find the perfect swatch to fit your vibe and wedding style!

Not only can you have different colors, you can have different kinds of paper too! Do you like a bit of shimmer? Are you more of a matte kind of person? Want some extra glitter to give it that glam feel? I can help you find the right kind of paper for your budget and style -- let's work on this together! 

Welcome to My Site!


It's time to start your invitation creating journey -- go ahead and check out my website! 

From there, you have the option to browse my page or start your designing experience. 

I can't wait to work with you to make your invitations stand out, match your vibe, and put the cherry on top for your special day! 

Happy Wedding Planning!

Hear it for Yourself!

Watch my video and see for yourself some of the options you can choose to customize your wedding invitations!

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