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Pricing and Your Budget


Pricing and your budget can be a challenge. I have over 250 different types of paper that all fall into 8 different price groups and 5 different sizes, so as you can imagine - there is no ‘one size fits all’ package. I don't want to limit you to just a handful of options and pick from a basic, premium or platinum package, I want you to dream big, without limits and find something that is uniquely you.
vellum wedding invitations, wax seals

In general - the more paper you use for backings, pockets, insert cards, belly bands and envelope liners, the more expensive your invitations will be.

I encourage you to
contact me for a custom quote based on your specific needs.  I’ll guide you towards the options that are best fit for you.

Sample Pricing Options

Pricing in the paper world is complicated which is why I always give out custom quotes. I don’t want to lock you into a package deal, I want you to have the things that specifically relate to you and your wedding. One size never really fits all.

Champagne and beer are both drinks but they take different ingredients to make, times to produce, which makes them different prices in the end.

It does help to have a starting point for prices though right? Below are just a few options including a range of prices. 
In general, lower range invites are all white, blank envelopes. Higher range invites have paper upgrades, multiple panel layers behind the invite and printed envelopes.

The more paper you use, the more printing you have, the more I have to tape together, the higher the cost will be.

How can you make sure you stay on budget?  Let me do that for you! I know that talking about budgets is awkward, but I really need to know what you would ideally like to spend and what your dream design includes so that I can guide your invitation design in the right direction!

Everyone deserves to have a custom invitation that they can afford and I'll weed through all of the options and point you towards what is a good fit for you.

To get your custom priced package, find your invitation, then fill out the  
custom quote page
to get more information on your design!

Basic Invite $5-7

Flat, single sided invitation, RSVP card, blank RSVP envelope, blank mailing envelope.

Envelofold $6-8

Envelofolds scored stock opens to show your design without the fuss of a pocket. This style is perfect for an invitation with minimal information included but for someone that wants to keep it all neatly contained. These look fabulous with an added belly band, ribbon or lace.

Gate Card $6-10

Gate Cards are scored stocks that protect your invite in the mail and open to show your design without the fuss of a pocket. This style is perfect for an invitation with minimal information included but for someone that wants to keep it all neatly contained. Add a belly band, lace or ribbon for a unique touch.

Portable Pocket $7-9

Portable Pockets are a modern day inner envelope. They are made from heavy card stock and function to hold everything together as you tuck it into your mailing envelope. For something really unique add on a sticker band with your guest's names and your wedding logo. An RSVP card and printed RSVP envelope are included in pricing here.

Pocket Card $7-10

Pocket cards are quite possibly my favorite go to design. The design is so unique! The pocket is on the back of the invite. They offer all the functionality of a traditional pocket, but are less expensive to help your budget out. Stack all of your insert cards neatly into the pocket so your guests don't lose them. This style is available in both portrait and landscape.

Traditional Pocket $7-15

Tuck all of your pieces into a traditional pocket. Put a backing behind your invite for a pop of color or leave it to stand alone. Put one, two or three information cards stacked neatly into the pocket. Pockets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can have the pocket to the right or on the bottom and can be used on both portrait and landscape invites.

Other Add-ons

What other things can you add on to your invite? This list is just some basic suggestions, but is by far not a full list of options. I am always open to new things!

Panel layers behind your invite, insert cards or RSVP cards
Glitter Paper
Foiled Paper
Tree bark textured paper
Insert cards in a variety of sizes
Printed guests addresses
Paper belly bands
Lace belly bands
Vellum wraps
Wax Seals
Letterpress printing
Foil stamping