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Anything but White

Anything but white!

Truth - I have over 250 different paper colors that I work with - and that's just with my primary paper vendor. When you work with an invitation designer one on one, you have choices. I love to use color in my invitations, more than just in print. 

Some of my favorite ideas using color....

  • use colored RSVP envelopes so you never miss a reply in the mail
  • use colored mailing envelopes so it stands out against the junk mail
  • go bold with a dark paper like navy and white ink, or even better navy with copper foil!
  • use shades of a color to create a cohesive design with depth
  • use a colored paper for your menu to add a punch against white plates and napkins

colored envelopes

My favorite place to start is with bright envelopes. They really stand out in the mail. You'll notice pink envelopes in your mail. People will get excited about a gold envelope. White is great, but anyone can use white envelopes. Colored envelopes show that you didn't just order the cheapest invites possible - and truth be told - upgrading to a colored envelope may only cost you and extra $0.5-$0.15 per invite. It's a small cost to create illusion of wealth - your wedding invitations are setting the story of your wedding. 

blush pink and gray wedding invitations with pink envelopes

Subtle but gorgeous - shimmery blush pink envelopes are sweet but anything but boring.

bold minimalist wedding invitations black and white with black envelopes

Go bold! Dark envelopes with white ink are anything by expected. I guarantee they'll get a 2nd look!

Use colored paper for your invites

There is no rule that says invites have to be printed on white or ivory paper.

I'm a girl that likes to go against the grain. Honestly, I'm the kind of girl that has avoided an iphone forever because everyone has an iphone and I don't want one just out of principal. But I digress!

Using colored paper for your invites is just another way to stand out - to be different than your best friend's wedding. You'll stand out as unique, trendy and pushing the edge from what is always expected.

dusty blue wedding invitations, minimalist wedding invitation design

Shades of blue - printing your invite on a light blue paper with a steel blue ink is modern and daring to be different.

dusty blue and gray pocket wedding invitations

Go gray! Light gray paper is a subtle way to add color to your invitations. Color doesn't always have to be crazy!

custom wedding invitation designDigital metallic ink or foil stamping are two print methods that look amazing on dark papers!

*this design isn't listed in the store yet, but all you need to do is ask me for more info!!

accenting your tables with color

Colored paper can go a long way on your wedding tables. I love the look below - the green menus really tied the luxurious green velvet table cloths together with the gold chargers and a simple white napkin. Chic, minimalist, and so sophisticated. That added touch of just a small sprig of greenery though is the finishing piece that makes so amazing for me. 

It's just a small touch, but it's those small touches that tell your guests that you thought of everything.

creative wedding invitation ideas - colored paper, blue wedding invitations

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