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Patterned Papers as Accents!

A little pattern goes a long way


custom floral wedding invitation

When you think of paper for your wedding invitations, you're probably thinking of white and ivory and maybe a pop of color in there somewhere, but have you considered using patterned papers for your invites? 

 Small pops of pattern can make your design interesting and create a vision that is more a 'vibe' than 'my wedding colors are hot pink, blush pink and green.

Check out this photo - can you even tell what that pattern is? Probably not from just this little snap.

But what that patterned paper does is gives you some accent colors - you can now pull in a hot pink envelope, or use a blush pink RSVP card or use sage green accents and it suddenly makes the whole design make sense. 

Let's zoom out on this suite - see where we went there?

Without that pattern, the envelopes seem a little bit random, but those bits of color in the backing really pull it all together. 

It also gives you a chance to have a floral design that's colorful, but still minimalist and not screaming FLOWERS at you.

Minimalist floral wedding invitations
pink floral envelope liner

If you want one more punch of flowers that are a bit more obvious - let's add in a coordinating floral envelope liner.

It's another unexpected piece to your design. Your guests will open that flap and will see this fine detail. They'll know that you didn't skip the little details on your invites, so your wedding will be just as amazing.

I have over 50 different patterned papers we can use to pack a punch in your invites! From florals to geometric patterns and even wood grain and nautical themes, there's something out there for everyone, and if there isn't, we an always create our own pattern to use - yeah, that's totally a thing!

what about my budget?

Aren't patterned papers expensive??

Some can be, but that's where I'm here to help. If you let me know what your target budget is, I'll help you weed through the options. You tell me what you love the most, and I'll help you cut some of the things that don't matter as much to you until we get to a budget that you are comfortable with.

ready to design?

Customizing wedding invitations is what I do best.

My job is to help bring your creative design ideas to life. I want to help you find the right colors, the right fonts and the pieces that fit your budget.

I'll help you navigate those etiquette questions, remind you when you might be missing information and I'll make sure that everything is printed beautifully.

You kick back and let me worry about the details, I've got you on this one!

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