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Back To School For... MOMS!

Back To School For Moms - Invited by LamaWorks

Summer is time for relaxing and chill time at the beach right?! Naaah, not for this mama. I’m sure that I’ll get to enjoy that again sometime- in 10 years when I will have three teenagers... For now it’s all about having 4 pairs of hands and keeping a close eye on everybody. Cleaning, cooking, working and sharing my never ending love. Phew, this mama needs a vacay, pronto!

Thank God I can say ’’Hello fall-time!’’. Done with the days of being suppppeer busy and keeping my kids entertained all the time! Now I’m not sure about your house, but for me back to school makes me do a bit of a happy dance. Life with three small boys can get a little overwhelming and noisy at times... Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys to the moon and back, but they need fun and exciting activities just like Mama needs her coffee and some ’’me-time’’.

Ask and you shall receive! September kicks in the door and takes control... Boys are off to school and I have this extra free time to do whatever the hell I please. Since mom-brain is used to working in the way of free time means cleaning/cooking/laundry... I say no! Let’s turn the postpone button on all of that and have some fun!

Time to set some new goals and take care of my own needs first for a change. Heck, I’ll get real crazy and take a 30 minute shower, by myself with the bathroom door closed!!! No, but really mamas, let’s use this time for ourselves. Afterall, we are the glue that keeps everything together in each household, so we deserve this!

So, what are the ideas that you have been cooking up in your head for a while but at the end of the day you just think ’’ah not now, I don’t have time or energy for all that...’’? Dig them out and start working your way towards them. Even the smallest goal that’ll be fulfilled will feel so good! Happy wife/mom is the key to a happy life for everybody. You have to charge your own batteries first to be on top of that parenting game and give everybody the attention and care they need after a busy day!

I have put together a list of some fun ideas to do just for yourself. Enjoy my favorite picks!

  • I know how much us mamas love our coffee. So why not get messy and try out this organic coffee scrub?! Little spa night in sounds perfect to me! Check it out here.

  • While kids are getting all new everything for school, what about us mums? Treat yourself with a cute purse or some killer-heels you know you only want to wear when you don’t have to run after anybody! This bag is so multi-functional and pretty at the same time. Fits all the mom-life necessities.

  • Afternoon bath sounds a bit strange, but trust me it is so amazing and refreshing. Throw in some yummy smelling bath salts and just soak it up! Here is a great example.

  • Busy weeks require good planning. There is no better way to organize your time using some fun printables. Check out and print this fun printable.

  • Pretty home is a peaceful home! Beautiful wall prints are such a chic way to personalize your rooms and put up great reminders for yourself. Find some really pretty ones here.

I hope that these fun ideas will help you get creative with your spare time and how to make the most out of it. Let’s keep our game 100 and have some amazing time while doing it! You got this mama!

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