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Customization and personalization tips

Customization and personalization tips - Invited by LamaWorks

Custom stationery - it’s the ultimate luxury gift right? Putting the extra ‘’umf’’ into everyday, maybe even boring items. I don’t know about you but when my stationery is on point I get the extra kick to work a bit harder. So why not share it with everyone else?! ‘’Be the person that makes others feel special. Be known for your kindness and grace.’’ - Author unknown

Every woman puts so much effort, time and energy to look their best. When you look good you feel good and it’s a lot easier to take over the world that way! Right?! Well, I feel the same way about my stationery. It’s all in the details… Some days you just are not on top of it and don’t really want to get anything done. Having cute tools to help me stay organized and reach my goals just makes it way easier to finish my to-do list even on the ‘’I just want to stay in bed’’ kind of days. Make it yours, own it, literally!

It is also such a fun way to personalize gifts,cards and little surprises for family and friends. Showing that you know and remember what a person likes, and putting in that extra detail just for them- it’s kindness and love in disguise of a funny coffee cup or bookmark. I mean, if you have to choose between a boring white notepad or one that says ‘’Get shit done!’’, it’s a no-brainer!

Custom stationery has inspired me to start some amazing scrapbooks and sweet little notes just for myself. ‘’Things I can’t say out loud’’, ‘’Recipes I have to try again’’, ‘’Put that in my bucket-list’’, ‘’Oh, that cake!’’- these are some of my favorites. They look as fab on the outside as they do on the inside. There are so many fun and pretty things for your personalized stationery, so get on it! One day those will be the ultimate treasures. So funny and sweet to read, go back in time, feel the paper and remember all the love you have put into them!

So, are you having any kick-ass ideas for your stationery but thinking ‘’nah, these are not gonna work’’? Think again! The bonus to working with small business owners like myself,  is that they are often game for new things. If you have an idea for something you like - a font you saw somewhere, a color you can’t take your eye off of or something more off the wall than you can find at your local Target - a small business is the way to go. Why? Because I can - that’s why!

I design every bit of stationery myself and I print every set as the orders come in, so you know what? All you need to do is ask. I am not bound to 3 flower colors because I ordered 5,000 of them and they are just on my shelf waiting for your name. No, no, no. Now, I DO keep a few particular colors of paper and envelopes on hand so I can keep orders moving along, but if you have time? Why not ask for more?

Here is a quick list of things you probably didn’t even realize you could customize:

  • The aforementioned paper color. I now have 300 colors of paper - the perfect shade of almost white, but sort of gray is in there!
  • Ink color - easy peasy
  • Change the font
  • Add in a custom graphic - if I don’t have it, I can purchase it on your behalf OR if you really have something unique in mind, I can commission an artist to hand draw something for you - yeah I have connections everywhere
  • Add in an envelope liner
  • Go for a luxury printing technique like thermography, letterpress, embossing or foil

So that’s it! I hope you got inspired and motivated to customize the heck out of your stationery. Get creative, think outside of the box, shop small and don’t forget to have fun!

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