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Dicey Wedding Invitation Wording - No Children Please

Most of my FAQ's involve wording in some way shape or form. It's not an easy task to tackle. Feelings can be hurt if things aren't delicately worded.

I've been doing this for 10+ years now and I still get questions that I need to look up answers to and after 2020, it's a whole new ball game for sure.

You've never planned a wedding before, so having a stationery designer on your team is going to help you a lot here. I've been able to help my clients navigate all kinds of sticky situations, so trust me when I say I've seen just about everything and I can help you too.


Wedding Invitation Wording Problem: No Children

This is a big one you guys. There are all kinds of reasons you might not want or be able to have children at your event and you need to communicate that to your guests clearly, but also without coming off as pushy or rude.


Today, I've got a few work arounds that will help you give your guests subtle clues as well as more forward declarations.


Option 1 - The mailing envelope

As as mom myself, the first place I always look is the mailing envelope. 

If just my husband and I are invited, I would expect to see:

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mays


If my kids are also invited I would expect to see either:

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mays and family


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mays

Jacob, Logan, Evan, Nick & Eleanor {yes, I have 5 kids!!}


Option 2 - The inner envelope

Just in case your guests throw out that mailing envelope, they are sure to keep the inner envelope to store their invitation in. In this case you would put the parents on the outer envelope, and use the inner envelope for all of the invited guests.


Outer Envelope addressed to the parents:
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mays


Inner envelope addressed to parents only:

Andrew and Laura


Inner envelope addressed to the whole family:

Andrew, Laura, Jacob, Logan, Evan, Nick and Eleanor


Option 3 - The RSVP Card

Now, people throw envelopes away, so you might want to add a special line on. your RSVP card that says:

We have reserved ___ seat(s) in your honor

Then you will fill this line in as you are stuffing your envelopes, so as they go to fill the card out they'll realize they should RSVP for just 2 people, not all 7.


Option 4 - The details card

If you feel like you need to be more direct, I would put something on the details card. Options include:

We kindly request that our wedding day be for adults only.

While we would to invite everyone to our day, due to space limitations we kindly request that our wedding be for adults only.

Although we love the children in our lives, due to space constraints, we ask that only adults attend.


Hopefully this helps get your wheels spinning on which option would work best for your wedding!


I get it, wedding stationery can be an unexpectedly overwhelming part of the wedding planning process.  Grab your copy of The Wedding Invitation Planning Guide, including your complimentary wording planning sheets to walk you through the ins and outs. You'll get organized and take a load of stress off and be ready to rock those invitations.



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