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Do You Need to Send Save the Dates?

It's engagement season as I write this post and one big question I get is - do I need to send save the date cards for my wedding?  Are save the dates even necessary? If I do, when should I send my save the dates?

3 reasons to send wedding save the date cards

3 Reasons I Would Definitely Send Save the Dates

There are a few scenarios where I feel like save the dates are a must have item.


You are having a destination wedding.

I would love to attend my friend's wedding in Hawaii, but I definitely need some time to make that happen. If you're having a destination wedding, sending a save the date 10 or 12 months ahead of time or more is a good idea.


You have a lot of out of town guests.

OK, it's not a destination wedding persay, but a fair number of people will need to travel to get there. It's not a big deal, but if they need to take time off from work, book plane tickets or figure out who is watching their kids, it's a good idea to get your wedding on their radar.


Your wedding is around a holiday or popular vacation time

Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day … these are all times of the year that people naturally have some time off, so they may already have plans if you haven't let them know about your wedding.


OK, that's not me, do I still need to send save the date cards?

 No, not at all. Save the dates are definitely not necessary. 

My theory on save the dates is more of a marketing tactic.  
It's a sneak peak into what's coming. Maybe its a sketch of your venu. Even if they don't know it yet - a beautiful mountainscape will get them saying ‘oooooh, I bet this wedding is going to be beautiful!’
Or they'll see beach vibes and say ‘oh, I could really use a long weekend on the beach, let’s make sure we GO!'

So when should you send save the dates?

Don't send them out too early or people will forget, too late and they won't have enough time to prepare.
when should i send save the date cards? 
6-8 months is the sweet spot. 
So that means, you should be starting your save the dates about 8-10 months before your wedding. That gives us time to establish your style, hire an artist for some custom artwork if we need it and get that design printed.

Have you started shopping yet? On that note - I'm in the middle of redesigning my save the date collection, so it's a bit sparse at the moment. If you don't see something you love, I suggest finding an invitation that we can use for inspiration and we can go from there!

Shop Save the Dates

classic and traditional save the dates

Shop Digital Save the Date Templates

That's right! Digital templates are here! Choose your design, edit on your laptop, download and print - easy as that.

wedding save the date digital template download

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