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Virtual Bridal Show - Week 1 - Shape and Size

Welcome to the first week of my Virtual Bridal Show - Wedding Stationery 101.

What is a Virtual Bridal Show? I'm hosting weekly Facebook Live events to go through all the little details that go into designing your wedding stationery? Why? Because these are all of the things I would talk to my brides about at a bridal show, but I'm not like your average vendor. Yes I do love my local clients, but 95% of my clients are world wide. Yes, world wide. 

The first lesson will be at Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 2:00 CST. Click here to register! I'll be hosting weekly events so if you miss one you can always pop back to the event page to watch them at a later time. If you join us for the free live class you'll get a free download to help you plan!

My goal is to help you no matter where you live. I want to talk you through the process and help you design the invitation of your dreams. 

So that brings us to your first lesson this week - Shapes, Sizes and all those Pockets. Today I want to go through the lingo and the options that are out there and what they mean for your stationery designs.



Most invitations are either square or rectangular. Your most common size is going to be 5x7". You can also get a tea length design that is 4x9". If you want the jumbo invitation,  you'll go with 6x9".

If you like to be a bit different, why not go with square? Square invitations come in either 6x6" or 7x7". Now one thing to note, these are going to more expensive to mail out. USPS charges extra to ship anything that's an 'odd size' and declares them non machinable  so there is an additional fee. 

PRO TIP - always always always take your invitations to the post office for a weigh in before you put stamps on! They will help you out and tell you if your invitation is too thick, too square or has any other elements that require additional postage!


While we've talked about square and rectangle, did you know that you can also get die cut shapes? These designs are often called silhouettes. I carry them in brackets, circles, emeralds, marquee, oval and vintage. You can add layers behind them or send just as they are.

You can also get the reverse of this - a frame!




Flat invitations are the most classic and traditional in design. You can print the invitation and send it as is, or add in a single or double panel behind it. The panels not only add pops of color, but add some weight to your invitation to make them feel more luxurious.

As a general rule I like to go with white or ivory for the invitation and then use a color from your wedding, or something that compliments the graphics for a panel layer. If your budget allows for 2 layers it's great to use a neutral for the back layer and then a pop of color right behind the invite.

shop flat wedding invitations

PRO TIP - worried about your pieces sliding all over the envelope and looking like a mess? Add in a belly band to hold it all together.


Pocket Invitations are great for keeping all of your information tidy and organized! Your guests can keep the extra info - reception details, accommodations, your website, directions and their RSVP tucked into the pocket for safe keeping. They definitely won’t open the envelope and lose anything here!

They come in over 250 colors, in all sizes and have either triangle or lotus cut (i.e. the wavy flaps shown below) flaps and pockets. Add in a panel layer to really accent your design! You can go with either portrait or landscape and pockets either to the right or below the invite.

There are a lot of creative ways to stack the cards if you want to be a bit less traditional. You can also use a duplexed paper to really surprise your guests. Duplexed papers are different colors on the front and the back, so your invite could be shimmery gold on the outside, but then a more subdued matte, taupe on the inside. Unexpected and sure to wow your guests from the start.

Close them up and send as is, or seal them with a belly band, wax seal or lace.


Pocket cards combine all the function of a great pocket, but at a lower price point to help your budget out! The pocket is hidden on the BACK of your wedding invitation. These are great for someone that loves the look of a traditional flat invitation, but really wants to make sure their info is all neat and tidy when your guests pull it out of the envelope.

Pocket card invitations

They are available in all colors, portrait style or landscape, square or rectangle and either triangle or lotus cut pocket style.

shop pocket cards


I often have clients that ask for inner envelopes. I'll be honest, they aren't used much today and the paper company I work with doesn't even sell them. 

If you are a traditionalist and are looking for an inner envelope, pocket envelopes are the modern version of that. They look like an envelope, function like an envelope but are made from a heavy weight card stock. They still allow you to have a traditional, flat invitation, but you can tuck all of your cards into the envelope for safe keeping. 

Pocket envelope invitation

shop pocket envelopes


If you want something in between a flat invitation but you don't really want or need a pocket, Envelofolds and gate cards might be right for you! These are scored card stocks that have flaps that fold in over your invitation. Tape your invitation and panel layers onto the card, stack your info cards and RSVP card on top, fold the flaps over to close it up. A gate card is shown in the photo below. An Envelofold is very similar, but has 4 flaps that close over it rather than just 2.

gate card invitations

This style is great to protect your invite. Use a duplexed paper for a really unique experience, maybe a gorgeous floral pattern on the outside with a solid ivory on the inside?

Use a belly band, lace or wax seal to keep them closed for an added touch.

shop gate cards


Whatever style works best for you - it's easy to shop and sort through the ideas! Just click on SHOP WEDDING at the top of the page, then BY POCKET STYLE and choose your favorite design.

You can customize any suite in the store to fit the style you need! Ready to start your custom design? Get started today!

Stay tuned for our class next week as we talk about different types of printing!


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