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Your Pinterest Wedding: Part 2

Your Pinterest Wedding

How did you enjoy our Pinterest exercise from last time? 

Now what though? You have all of these pretty pins -- now let the pros take over.

My job is to take the ideas that you have and turn them into something unique and amazingly you. 

Let's take an IBLW bride named Lindsay as an example.

Lindsay approached me about the Rochelle suite.

She sent me that along with her Pinterest board so I could see what other things she had planned for her wedding. 

Here's what I saw: 

  • it was going to be on the beach
  • the guys were all dapper in navy suits, some awesome classic aqua bow ties that had a modern vintage pattern  
  • her dress was going to be long and flowing 
  • ethereal but traditional, not too boho
  • she had gorgeous white peonies 
  • they were creating a amazing trellis to get married under that had flowing layers of gauze and was dripping in white hydrangeas, greenery and big white peonies to perfectly frame their ocean view

OK, we can work with that! Check out what we did to the Rochelle invite to make it amazing and perfect for Lindsay. 

 We used the colors of ocean mixed with the modern tradition of navy. We swapped out the fonts for their names to make it soft and romantic. Since it's a destination wedding, we used a pocket card that can keep all of her information neat and tidy - and this pocket is the star of the show.

To make this pocket special, we are having them custom printed. You can't buy these in the store, sister. My amazing paper team is going to custom print their monogram right onto the pocket. They are also using a special cut to make that pocket a lotus flap, not just the triangle that everyone always expects.

This is what I love to do the most for my clients. Weddings aren't about picking whatever everyone else is doing. It's about finding the options that are right and unique to you. 


So today, I want you to find that one invitation that speaks to you the most, then send me a message with that invite and a link to the Pinterest board you made last week and let's see where it takes us!

Talk to me!

Are you ready to start work on your wedding? 

Reach out to me -- Let's design the perfect invitations together!

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