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How to Plan Your Wedding Using Pinterest

How to Plan Your wedding using pinterest

I hear you friend -- you are in the throws of the wedding season of life. 

You're going to a wedding 6 months out of the year -- I would even place bets that this October, you're going to at least one fall wedding full of all the pretty things!

Your turn is coming and you're stuck in a Pinterest circle of hell. You see ideas, you see more ideas, but then you go to a wedding and your friend also saw those ideas and that's what THEY did -- so what do YOU do? 

 How do YOU not only stand out from the crowd, but find things that feel true to who you are and not just what the hottest trend is?


You struggle to make everyone happy.

You're good at the big picture, but you have a hard time worrying about the smallest details.

You feel unorganized and like your wedding isn't going to be cohesive.


Here's what you can do TODAY to start combating those struggles. 

step 1

Hop on over to my Pinterest page

I have curated wedding boards full of inspiration specific to different themes and colors. Pick one board, just ONE! {I know that's hard, but trust me!} 


Follow that board (or my whole account if you'd like!)

Step 3

Start yourself a new Pinterest board and spend 10 minutes, no more, no less saving things from my board to yours. 

Just stay on my board! Don't squirrel around, I've already done the leg work to sort things into helpful buckets for you, so stay put!

Whew - now take a break! You, friend just started getting organized. 

Now stop thinking about it for a few days or you'll drive yourself batty!

can't wait to hear more?

If you want to learn how to design your custom wedding invitations step by step, sign up below for my free course! I'll walk you through each step so that once it's time, you're ready to rock your wedding invitations with confidence!

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