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october wedding invitation sale

Every invitation deserves to be uniquely you and you don't need to do a thing, I've got you covered on this one!

What if you had a way to be creative with your wedding invitations but you didn't actually have to design them, find the right paper or fight your printer to get them finished? 

Invited by LamaWorks is a design experience, it's not just ordering some invitations and hoping for the best. Your invitations are the first look your guests have at your wedding day. The colors, fonts, textures and feel the paper speak to what you have coming next.

Think of it your invitation as marketing. What if you sent an invitation that was flimsy, poorly printed and used (gasp) Comic Sans?? Would they expect a black tie event full of greenery, garden roses and candles?

But what if you sent an invitation that was beautiful, on luxurious paper. It was printed to perfection, styled with little bits of your personality that make it unique - like a custom logo or a small graphic that reflects your wedding location? What if it had the perfect ribbon and wax seal and you had all of those little elements that send make it memorable?

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⇢ The custom design experience including changes to the colors, fonts and pocket styles.

⇢ Expert guidance when it comes to wording, etiquette and dealing with COVID-19 changes

⇢ Printable proofs for you to sample at home and make edits to, and a fully printed proof of your design before we go to print (not available for luxury print methods)

⇢ Having a professional designer in your pocket to help you find the best paper choices and printers so you don't have to worry about quality. 


⇢ It's OK! Let's start now, get you on my  calendar and we'll finish the details as you are ready for them. I'll keep you on track!

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2020 has been a wedding season unlike any other. I get it, you're overwhelmed and exhausted and you don't even know if your wedding is still happening in 2020 or if you'll have to change to a micro-wedding or even move it to 2021.

You aren't alone.

You need a vendor in your corner. You need someone who is flexible, can keep track of your details and make last minute changes on a whim.

Working with me, we can start your design now, get it going can then pause.

We'll wait until you know how many guests you can have before we order paper. We can wait until the last minute to print if you want to pause and wait just another week to make absolutely sure.

And worst case, if your wedding DOES need to change and we need to send out change the date cards, or tell half of your guest list they  can't attend, I'm here to help you make those changes at the absolute lowest cost to you.

Who am I?

Laura Mays - graphic designer, maker and printer. I have the heart of an engineer but the soul of a creative. I love books and iced coffee with a bonus if they're together on my front porch swing.

Over 10 years ago now, I was searching for a way to live in a new, small town without a need for a biomedical engineer. I wanted to create a creative life that supported my family allowed me to also be alongside our growing family - baby number 5 is on the way this August!

I took my engineering degree and experience in product design and development and merged it with my artistic, creative side. My head thinks in processes and efficiency,  but always in a pretty way. I have passion for organization and clean designs. I am a lover of all the checklists never miss a deadline. 


⇢ Colors - A beautiful design deserves the right colors. I have over 250 paper colors that I work with, so we can find the right combination for your wedding.

⇢ Pocket Styles - take out the pocket if you don't need it, or change it to a different style that suits you better.

Printing techniques - choose from digital printing, white ink on dark paper, metallic digital in silver or gold, letterpress, embossing, debossing, foil or thermography just to name a few

⇢ Edge finishing - add in beveled edges or have them painted for an unforgettable finish

⇢ Little extras - Add on a vellum envelope or jacket, create a custom wax seal, add in twine or silk ribbon to make them  extra special.

⇢ Dare to dream - have you seen something I haven't listed that you want to add in? Great! Let's talk! I'm game for just about anything you can throw my way.