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Dress up Your Wedding Invitations with Luxury Laser Cut Folders

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Dress up Your Wedding Invitations: Luxury Laser Cut Folders

Want to add an elegant touch to your wedding invitations? 

Try adding some laser cut designs to your invitations! As simple or as elaborate as you want, you can spice up your invitations to make them uniquely you.

what are laser cut designs?

For wedding invitations that have a laser cut design, a designer uses software to create the image to be used. Their laser cutting machine cuts that intricate image into the paper --  think of it like using a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo and cutting them out one by one, but on a mass scale.

I personally own a Cameo and would never want to take the time to make 150 cut pockets - ever. Like ever ever. I'll pay someone with a bigger, more efficient machine to do it for me.

If you're curious to see for yourself how laser cut wedding invitations are made, check out this video that shows how some companies make the laser cut designs with their machines!


So what do you want yours to look like?

There are so many ways to further customize your laser cut wedding invitations! 

You could choose:

- square vs rectangle 

- pocket vs gate card vs envelope 

- all kinds of colors 

- any sort of flat cut design 


To make your wedding uniquely you, try incorporating something important to you into the design of your laser cut invitation. 

Have an artist sketch a tree that looks like one he proposed under - infuse that within your design! 

Or maybe have your names or initials included within the laser cut design. 

Whatever you decide, these laser cut wedding invitations bring something beautiful, elegant, and fresh to your wedding. Your guests will be delighted to accept your invitation -- dream up your wedding day!

take a look!

I shot a quick video the other day to show you more of these great designs in action - hop on over to youtube to check it out!

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