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What to Include on an Info Card

Wedding Invitation Information Card: What to include

what to put on an info card

I see it a lot when it comes to wedding planning. 

The Invitation is pretty straight forward ... 

- who is getting married? 

- when? 

- where? 

 .... but then you get to that mysterious additional information card and that's where my couples freeze up. What exactly needs to go on there? 

The short and annoying answer is - whatever you need to tell your guests. Some weddings may not even need an info card; others need 3. It all depends on you and your specific wedding details.

Here are some thoughts to get you started:

reception information

This is the biggest place to start - but how do you know if you even need to tell people more about your reception? 

 Is your reception at the same location as your reception?


if your reception is the same location - put it on the invite! 

 Celebration immediately to follow, easy as that.


When your reception is at a different location than your ceremony, always put it on a separate card - not on the invitation. 

Your reception will start on the invitation with a line that says 'reception to follow' ... or 'cocktails, dinner and dancing to follow' ... 'dine. dance. celebrate' .... 'merriment to follow' .... something along those lines.

Then on a separate card, you'll start with something along the lines of: please join us following the ceremony for {cocktails, dinner, dancing, brunch, appetizers, snacks ......} beginning at ...... 

 Then ... 

  • Location 
  • name 
  • address 

 Don't forget to put the time! If it's at a separate location, your guests will need to know how long they have to get there! 

Which brings me to another idea for your info card ...

Wedding invitations timeline of events


In case people can't make it right away or they can make it to the reception but not the ceremony. Then they know that drinks are at 6 but if they're stuck somewhere, they also know that dinner is at 7 so that is the drop last time to get there. 

You can jazz it up with cute graphics or keep it formal and elegant!



If everything is happening at the same venue, but in different locations -- consider giving your guests some direction on where to go just in case they arrive late for some reason. 

Ex: wedding lakeside cocktails on the veranda dinner in the centennial room  

possibly include a map if you think it will be confusing!

dress code

While we're talking about locations like lakeside - this is a great place to let your guests know of any dress code things: 'ceremony is outside, please wear flat shoes'

'fall can be chilly in Vermont, we recommend bringing a wrap to keep warm!'  

or if you want to communicate more specifically - 'formal attire', 'cocktail attire', etc.


If you have out-of-town guests and have kindly set aside a block of hotel rooms, this is a great place to include it! You'll want to make sure to include a discount code if you have one as well as a book by date or any urgent info 'only a small number of rooms are available, please book early!' Then include: hotel name address phone number website {if it's short}.


If there is any special parking that your guests need to know about - valet, parking garage ... include that here.


Let them know there will be a shuttle available and with times if necessary.


Your best bet is to try to put most of your information on your website rather than a card. 

Put the most important details on the card, then 'for more information regarding the weekend, travel and registry visit our website'.

You can include a Google Map and links to things to make it more accessible for your guests.

destination wedding - weekend events

Welcome parties, farewell brunches, any other events - make people feel welcome!  

You could even add in things to do around town. We did this for our wedding!

 We wanted our family and friends to know what our favorite places to go while they were there - extend their stay for a vacation.

reality -- paper is small!

One thing to keep in mind is that at *most* we are working with a 5x7 card. 

So while it might seem like it's allllll important, we also need to be realistic about what we can fit on there. If you fill your card with too much information, no one will read it. 

Keep it short and sweet and to the point so they get the most important information. Refer them to your website for as much as you can.

SOOOOO...I don't think I even NEED an info card.

You might read this list and find yourself saying nope, don't need that or that or that ..... 

Not everyone needs an additional info card so don't stress about it if none of this applies to you!! 

But what if I love a design and there's a pocket but I don't need an info card -what do I need a pocket for?

Take it out!!!

Whatever you need for your wedding invitations, we'll find the right bits and pieces for you. Every wedding is unique and deserves to have unique details that work for you.

Start thinking about your information cards- just start with a list, then separate it out into what can go on the card vs. website. 


 Want to get started?? Download this free printable to get you going on your additional information and get it all organized!

Watch the video below for a real conversation about info cards!

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