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Changing the world, one compliment at a time.

be kind. be you. change the world.

With my whole heart I believe in kindness and joy.

I believe that our attitudes are shaped by our thoughts and that a smile to a stranger can have the power to turn his day around.  

I believe in compassion, understanding and kind words. I believe in grace. 

Friends, life is just too short to spend it complaining and judging other. 

I am far from perfect, as we all are - I'm a work in progress, but today I just had to share a story with you. 

As part of my client experience, I do my best to always have kind words for my clients, help them, guide them and make this one piece of their wedding as stress free as possible. 

A few months ago, I was having a really rough week. Life was just hard. The kids were hard, work was busy, I had a few grouchy clients and my mood went along with them. 

I went to a meeting that night and a friend pulled me aside and said "Laura, i meant to tell you this months ago at our last meeting, but I forgot, you're awesome. You really did great things for our organization as our president and I'm really proud of you and you should be too." 

End of story.

You guys, that changed so much about that week. I've been on the board of this service organization for what feels like a lifetime and if anyone has ever served as the President of anything, you feel the weight of every decision, every complaint and sometimes it's rare that you hear the good.

For the first time in a long time, I felt like someone saw me. That I wasn't invisible. It really got me thinking about how I approach my life and the people in it. 

What if we could all be more generous with our compliments? 

What if we could look past the complaints to find the good?

What if we all just tried to find all the good BEFORE we even considered the bad?

What if we all took a few minutes each week to send a birthday card, or a thank you card, or just a note to say I miss you. 

How many lives could we change if the people in them just KNEW they were loved, appreciated and just SEEN.

That's it right there. It's what I stand for. It's what I strive to be. It's what I hope to bring to you. Through my products, through my services, in every touch point that I have with you.

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