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RSVP Dates - Everything You Need To Consider for Wedding Success!

When do you set your RSVP date?  

It seems like such a little thing and you feel kind of stupid even asking your stationery designer for help here, but friends, we are here to help you out.

So today we are going to walk through my simple 3 step system for setting the perfect RSVP date.

Step 1 - talk to vendors

The very first place to start is to get yourself organized and talk to your vendors.  Every one of them is going to have a deadline for you. A date they need to order supplies, hire staff and do all the things.

Makes sense right? Your florist needs to know how many flowers to order, your baker needs to know how big your cake is, your stationery designer needs to know how many menus to make you.

Here's a quick list of people that you'll want to touch base with:

1. Florist
2. Baker
3. Reception Hall
4. Caterer
5. Rental Companies - think of everything here - linens, chairs, tents
6. Hair stylist - to confirm your final party size
7. Stationery designer

<-- that's my friend Abby! She owns Lavish Floral Design in the studio next door to mine! We've been designer neighbors for over 4 years now and she is hands down the best florist in town!  




Lucky you! If you click on the photo to the left, you can download a free planning checklist so you can write this all down!

Step 2 - find the earliest date

Alright, you spoke with your vendors and downloaded that cute little sheet to write it all down in.

Now look through those dates and find the date that is the earliest.

My experience has been that 2 weeks before your wedding is a pretty standard deadline.

Step 3 - add in 2 weeks

Ok, you have your date - now add in 2 more weeks. 

2 WEEKS??????

For real.

Here's why. Say your wedding is May 24th

People see an RSVP date of May 1st. Many of them will mail it ON May 1st so you won't get it until the 8th. Sadly there will even be quite a few that totally forget and don't mail it until the 5th so you won't get those until the 13th but your caterer had to know a final count two days ago.

See where I'm going with this?

Avoid the stress friend -your stress, vendors stress, it all compounds during a wedding.

If you add in 2 weeks, or even 3 to your final deadlines, that gives you plenty of time to patiently wait for stragglers and even track down the ones that totally forgot altogether.


I am so glad you asked!

Each stationery designer is different. Those that outsource their printing need plenty of time.

I personally print in house, so my timing is a bit different than most.

Start working on wording - specifically for detailed things like programs or menus

Rough estimate of what we're making - menus, programs, place cards, and how many

Firm head count and final seating assignments

expert knowledge to guide you

I'm here for you friend! I've been designing wedding invitations since 2010 and I've seen it all. I have answers to all of your etiquette and wording questions. Skip Google, save time, ask your stationer for help, that's what we're here for!

Are you ready to start your design experience?

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