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Pocket Invitation 101 - Explore the Styles!

The wedding industry is full of lingo. I totally get that and today I want to walk you through some of the lingo in the invitation world. Let's talk about pocket invitations shall we?

Dusty pink and blush pink pocket wedding invitation

Now, when someone says they want to order a pocket invitation, the style here is usually where we start. 

Your wedding invitation sits inside with a pocket that folds over it and a flap that folds down over that. All of your insert cards are neat and tidy, tucked into the pocket.


This is a traditional pocket, but even there you have options. 

  • is your invitation landscape or portrait?
  • do you want the pocket to the right or below the invite?
  • do you prefer classic triangle flaps or die cut scalloped edges?
  • do you want to customize it with a printed custom crest?
  • over 250 colors and patterns to choose from

how do i close it?

So you put your cards in - then what?? 

You don't have to do anything at all, but this is also a great area where you can customize your design and make it uniquely you.

Pull out your personality with a few custom touches.

Elegant Gold wedding invitation, custom invitation designs

You can:

  • place in an envelope as is
  • close it with a custom wax seal
  • use a lace belly band to hold it closed
  • add a silk ribbon to tie it closed
  • use twine to tie it closed
  • combine either twine or ribbon with either a way seal or a custom tag
  • use a die cut sticker to seal it

If you aren't sure what's right for you - let's talk! I'll help walk you through what you love, what you need, what might be optional and what your ideal budget is. 

Pocket Cards

If you're looking for something a little different, let's talk about using a pocket card! Pocket cards have the pocket on the back of the invite. So there is nothing to fold over, nothing to unwrap.

Pocket cards are great for the couple that loves the look of a classic and traditional flat invitation, but you really want to keep things organized.

This design shown here is one of my favorites. I love how the different colors stack together - it's a great visual impression for your guests.

Dusty blue and gray wedding invitation, modern design

invitation front

Custom Dusty Blue Pocket Invitation

invitation back

As with traditional pockets, you still have options.

  • portrait or landscape
  • 5x7", or 6x6" in size
  • scalloped or triangular pocket shape
  • over 250 colors

What will you choose?

Those are the basics friends - that's it! Not so daunting hey? That's my biggest advice if you are overwhelmed with wedding planning - take it just one step at a time and focus on just one question. I'm here for you with all of the questions that might come up.

If you want to see these designs in action, check out the video below!

reach out!

Let me know what questions you have or what I can do to customize these invitations for your amazing wedding day!

let's chat!

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