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Tips and Tricks for Customizing Your Wedding Invitations


Hey there wedding friends! I want to talk to you today about something that I am so super passionate about. When I  am working with my wedding couples the thing that I do the best for them, is customizing wedding invitations. 

I absolutely love it when someone comes to me and says, hey Laura - I really love that invitation, but it's not quite me. I want to try something that has a little bit more of a pop of color to it, or I need a pocket added to it, or I'm just not feeling that font, can we do something different?

I love taking these ideas and turning them into an invitation that is going to be unique for your wedding.

So let's do this! Let's compare two invitations side by side and see how just a few small design changes can make it uniquely you.

soft neutrals

Let's start with the soft neutral version of Amelia and Josh. This design is a really lovely neutral toned wedding invitation. Everything is very classic and clean. Very minimalist in design. The font is a lovely sage gray/green which is highlighted by the double panel layer - first in a middle toned gray and then by a darker toned gray.

Adding color doesn't have to mean COLOR, you can achieve a really rich look with just tonal shades.

sage green wedding invitations


monochrome wedding invitations


Go brighter and bolder

Now let's step over to a very similar, but distinctly different design.  This set has a very similar layout, the same graphics, but a few font changes. In this new design, we've added a really nice, classic script font which changes the formality a bit and takes it from minimalist, to more classic with some flourishes. 

This couple is also using a few brighter colors to their wedding - think rich burgundy ranunculus mixed with big peach dahlias and pale garden roses. 

We took those ideas and changed the set to incorporate brighter corals with accents in burgundy and creamy, golden ivories.

Coral and burgundy wedding invitation


floral wedding invitation


coral wedding invitation


See them in action

Watch the video below to see more about these designs! Check out these two in action, learn more about duplex papers and design choices we loved for each couple.

amelia & jasper

amelia and michael


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