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Unique Papers to use in your Wedding Invitations - Expect the Unexpected!

Hi there friends! Today I want to blow you away with some paper designs that are unexpected and out of the ordinary, but they are so elegant you guys. Hands down they are my favorite thing to design with.

OK Laura, what are you talking about?

Duplexed papers

The who and the what?

I know, lingo. I had never heard of that word either until I was in the paper world. 

A duplex paper is one that has a different finish or color on each side. They literally glue two pieces of paper together to create some amazing options. 

What I love to use them for the most are with pockets. My favorites are shimmery on one side and matte on the back, so when you use it for a pocket, the outside is glimmery and glam, but the inside is a toned down, more sophisticated matte color. 

 It's unexpected and not something you see in an average invitation.

Let's see some options

The Brook and Jordan invitation here uses a color called almond/iced almond. The shimmer is on the outside and covers the pocket, but the inside is all a lovely matte almond.

The difference may be hard to see in this photo, it's that soft and subtle. But if you look closely, you can see the shimmer on the pocket and the matte almond inner pocket.

Floral neutral wedding invitations, pocket invitations
Silver woodcut floral wedding invitation, vintage monogram wreath wedding invitation

The Sabrina and Christian design uses another great neutral color - ash/iced ash. It's great for an invite that's rustic but with a bit of glam. It's the same shade on the outside and inside - the only difference is the shimmer

For the record - I LOVE the unique scalloped edge on this one too!!

You can also go with a patterned paper! The Adriana and Dwayne design uses a floral duplexed paper. So your guests will see this gorgeous floral pattern, but the inside is a calm ivory with just a punch of the floral pattern.

This great pattern also comes in black and white for a really lovely understated design.

Pink foral wedding pocket invitation, spring wedding, summer wedding, bright invitation

You can also go bold with the contrast. The Mary and Jonathan set uses a brilliant bright gold on the outside, but a neutral taupe on the inside.

square gold wedding invitation

Invitation outside

modern neutral wedding invitation, invited by lamaworks

Invitation Inside

See them in action

Watch this video to see some of these different color options in action!

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