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Custom or Semi-Custom Invitation Design?


custom and semi custom wedding invitation design


Here at iblw, you can choose your wedding invitation experience - either semi-custom (or customized) invitation design and custom wedding invitations - but what's the difference? I'm so glad you asked! 


Semi-Custom or Customized Wedding Invitation Design

In my shop you will find a beautiful collection of invitation suites. Click on "Weddings" up at the top and then select "All Wedding Collections". This takes you to each collection - which includes menus, place cards and other accessories that coordinate.

These are my semi-custom suites. You can pick any design, change the ink, paper and envelope colors. You can also add in accessories like envelope liners, vellum wraps and wax seals or add in letterpress or foil printing.

I also love to send over a font list that has YOUR names in it so you can look through a variety of options that you can work with. That font list also includes different monogram options if you want to add that in and a full crest collection so you have a variety to choose from.

You can also combine designs together - so if you like the crest on one suite, but the layout of another - we'll merge those together!

Think of it as an add to cart experience, but with more room to change things along the way.

There is no extra fee here - why? All of those designs are already made. I copy one into another, move a few things around and you have a design that you were able to customize to fit your wedding style.


Custom Invitation Design

UPDATE - 5-20-2024 After thoughtful consideration, I will no longer be offering fully custom designs moving forward in 2024, 2025 and beyond.

Custom invitation design is for the couple that wants something truly unique. We essentially start with a blank slate, not from a template.

We look through design ideas, we talk about what you love and what you don't (that's important too!). This could also include die cut shapes, edge painting, hand made paper - I'm game for anything.

With your design ideas in mind, I'll put together a design proposal that has 3 unique design concepts - nothing that you see on my website, all brand new, fit just for you designs.

From there, we start building your final suite! We merge ideas together, we keep tweaking until it is just what you had in mind. 

As you can imagine, coming up with 3 brand new designs, legwork on quotes for custom print processes and research for custom graphics or venue sketches and other fine details takes time - so custom designs do have an additional fee. Generally this is around $750, but I do round that up or down based on the overall scope of the project.

This design is yours and yours alone for the wedding season. I may convert it into a design that falls into my collection in the future, but for that season, it's all yours. You can always purchase the exclusive rights to your design, if that is important to you. 



What if I like a floral design but my flower colors are different, is that custom or semi-custom?

Great question! This falls into the custom side, but if you just want to swap out those flowers and still use the base of a design as your template, the custom fee is just $75. Why is there a custom fee? I will still need to find you new artwork, pay for that artwork, and in in some cases, build bouquets for you flower, by flower.


What if I really like a design, but I just want a different crest on it?

No problem! I have a collection of crests you can choose from, you can use anything in that collection at no additional cost. If new artwork needs to be sourced, a small custom design fee will apply