I will be closed May 9-14!

Studio Life

Welcome to my design studio! You can find me at odd hours throughout the week at 107 N 10th Street in Quincy, Illinois.

I share space with wedding planner Sara Reddick, and am neighbors with Abby from Lavish Floral Design. Together we create beautiful weddings and events from our little corner on Maine Street.

My business is a family business. To me that means the freedom to run my business in the best way that meets my families needs. The dynamics of my days change from season to season. Sometimes it means my studio has a crib and toys in the corner. Sometimes it means I have a nanny for the kids a few hours a week. Sometimes it means I work at the studio at 6 am or working from the couch at home. For me it's always about finding balance between the creative work that I love, and cherishing the moments I have at home with my kids.

I don't keep regular business hours, but when I'm at the studio, I'm there to do the heavy lifting of my business - I am a maker and this space allows me to do just that. 

My time here is all about production. I am a handmade artist. From stationery to wedding invitations, most of what I sell, I personally make by hand. 

I trim the paper down to size and print every piece page by page to ensure the quality is spot on and the colors are just right.


I'm taping layers of invitations together.


and packaging them up with care.

As a growing business, you tend to find yourself wearing all the hats, which means on top of being the designer and maker of things, I'm also the marketing director, social media manager, stylist and photographer most of the time too.


This is my home away from home and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it here. This space always reminds me that even though I might be small but mighty, this isn't just a hobby or a whim. It's a business that I have been slowly but steadily building since 2008 and it is blossoming into something beautiful and uniquely me. I pour my heart into each work day, not because someone else tells me to, but because I genuinely love it. 

So THANK YOU for stopping in for a studio tour! 

If you're local and would like to stop in for a consult, all you need to do is reach out through my contact form! My hours change weekly so scheduling an appointment is a must! 

OR, if you aren't local (like most of my clients!) we can chat via email or zoom as well. Email tends to work best so we can send photos back and forth!