I will be closed May 9-14!

Every invitation deserves to be custom

Every wedding is unique and full of personality.
 Your wedding invitations are the sneak peak into your wedding style and they can get your guests excited to see what else is coming.

You want to show the world what makes your heart swoon, but after hours, days and weeks of searching you just can't find what you're looking for and you're tired and burned out. You see something you like well enough, but you want to change the colors, swap out some fonts or add in a jazzy envelope liner to show off a floral print that will match your centerpieces. What do you do?

My name is Laura and I am the owner and creative director and designer extraordinaire. Invited by LamaWorks is the perfect destination for all of your wedding paper needs - from invitations straight through menus and place cards, all the way to thank you cards and favors. 

My goal is to bring out the sheer joy of your wedding day through colorful accents, playful envelope colors and sophisticated design details. I have a passion for creating unique paper products that fit just who you are. I have been working with brides and grooms since 2008 and love to take their personalities, wedding colors and ideas and help them shine through their wedding invitations and reception details.

I believe that every design should be customized. I believe in artisanal details -  every product is made by hand in my studio and never mass produced. I trust the vendors that I work with for sourcing supplies and they know me by name. 

Together we'll talk about everything you need:
  • how many invitations?
  • what colors?
  • themes or styles?
  • what you need to include vs. what you want to include
  • fun things that make the design uniquely you like wax seals or ribbons or maybe a custom monogram or venue sketch!
  • what your budget is and where you want that budget to go
  • etiquette, addresses and all the details
  • branding for your entire wedding day to make all the details come together

Above all, I believe in being kind and going the extra mile to do something nice for someone every day. Stationery that is uniquely and joyfully you.