Custom Wedding Invitations?? But what does that mean??

You and your wedding are unique, so are your custom wedding invitations. Nearly every invitation that I print is one of a kind - including  yours. The good news is that since there are so many choices for papers, pockets, sizes and printing methods that I can work with all sorts of budgets and have creative ways to keep costs down. If you can give me your budget along with your ultimate wish list, then tell me which of those things you could let go of and which ones are must haves - I can use those things together to create an invitation that you love AND that's within your budget.

At no additional cost, you can customize your wedding invitations in the following ways:

  • Ink color - choose any color that you'd like to match either other papers or send me swatches to match to
  • Fonts - I have thousands of fonts to choose from. So many that I don't yet have a concrete list from you to choose from - I encourage you to look around at invites in the store and pick what stands out to you the most
  • Paper color - choose from over 250 different paper colors in matte, shimmery or patterned papers. *note: while there is no charge for designing with alternate colors, some papers do cost more than others which may affect your overall price
  • Sizes - choose from 4x5, 4x9, 5x7 or 6x9 rectangle, 5x5 or 7x7 square, horizontal or vertical *note: redesigning to fit another size is complimentary, but pricing of the paper will change your overall price
  • Envelopes - choose from a variety of colors from white to bright *note: prices vary from one envelope color to another
  • Graphics and monograms - add in graphics from another set or a custom monogram
  • Design - resize graphics, move them around, change the occasion from birthday to bridal shower, anything you need!

For an additional cost, you can customize my invitations in the following ways:

  • Printing method - add in digital gold or silver printing, thermography, letterpress, foil stamping, or embossing 
  • Pockets - add in a gate card, envelofold or choose from a variety of pocket options to hold all of your invite pieces together
  • Envelope liners - pick from your favorite colors, patterns or design your own envelope liner
  • Belly Bands - wrap your invitation with a text weight paper belly band with a motif or monogram designed to match your invitation
  • Lace wraps - NEW! New for the 2016 wedding season are hand sewn lace belly bands. An elegant touch to any wedding.
  • Die cuts - NEW! New for the 2016 wedding season are die cut invitations in a variety of shapes.  Also fun?  Die cut menu place mats - coming soon!
  • Guests addresses - printed on the front of your envelopes in fonts to match your suite
  • Custom Design - I can create a custom design for you from scratch
  • Custom Graphics - don't see graphics that you like? I'd be happy to purchase additional graphics for your invitation set
  • Corner rounding - soften your invitation with rounded corners

If you see a set that you love, but it's over your budget, try these ideas:

  • Take out layers of paper behind RSVP cards, extra layers on the invite, belly bands or envelope liners
  • Remove pockets
  • Choose matte paper rather than shimmery
  • Choose to have no printing at all on your RSVP and mailing envelopes
  • Move your hotel information, directions, maps and additional information to a website rather than printed cards
  • Choose the DIY kit option - I'll print and cut everything for you, but leave it for you to tape together.

Start customizing your invitation

There is no reason why you have to have the same invitation as the couple next to you.  You and your wedding are unique so why not send a custom design that won't be found at any other wedding?
Below you will find a list of the different customization options that include, enclosures, colors, and extras that are available. Any invitation that you see on the Etsy page can be customized to fit not only the colors, style, and layout that fits not only your wedding but your wedding budget.  Start shopping HERE then fill out the  custom quote page to start customizing your design!


A quick note on pricing

Since every invitation is unique - so are prices.  There are a lot of things that can affect your price including:

  • amount of paper you use (adding on backings, additional info cards)

  • type of paper you use

  • adding in enclosures such as pockets

  • number of things that require printing

  • number of pieces that require assembly (taping layers of paper together)

How can you make sure you stay on budget?  Let me do that for you! I know that talking about budgets is awkward, but I really need to know what you would ideally like to spend and what your dream design includes so that I can guide your invitation design in the right direction! Everyone deserves to have a custom invitation that they can afford.

*All prices shown below are based on the items shown using the least expensive paper colors

Design Options

Basic Invite

Flat, single sided invitation, RSVP card, blank RSVP envelope, blank mailing envelope
starting at $2.10 each

Basic Invite Plus

Take your basic invite and add on a backing, RSVP envelope address and printed return address on your mailing envelope
starting at $3.70 each ($3.30 each DIY Kit)
*what is a DIY kit?


Envelofolds scored stock opens to show your design without the fuss of a pocket. This style is perfect for an invitation with minimal information included but for someone that wants to keep it all neatly contained. These look fabulous with an added belly band, ribbon or lace.
starting at $4.30 each ($3.90 each DIY Kit)
*what is a DIY kit?

Gate Card

Gate Cards are scored stocks that protect your invite in the mail and open to show your design without the fuss of a pocket. This style is perfect for an invitation with minimal information included but for someone that wants to keep it all neatly contained. Add a belly band, lace or ribbon for a unique touch.
starting at $4.30 each ($4.10 each DIY Kit)
*what is a DIY kit?

Portable Pocket

Portable Pockets are a modern day inner envelope. They are made from heavy card stock and function to hold everything together as you tuck it into your mailing envelope. For something really unique add on a sticker band with your guest's names and your wedding logo. An RSVP card and printed RSVP envelope are included in pricing here.
starting at $4.90 each ($4.50 each DIY Kit)
*what is a DIY kit?

Pocket Card

Pocket cards are quite possibly my favorite go to design. The design is so unique! The pocket is on the back of the invite. They offer all the functionality of a traditional pocket, but are less expensive to help your budget out. Stack all of your insert cards neatly into the pocket so your guests don't lose them. This style is available in both portrait and landscape.
starting at $5.60 each ($5.30 each DIY Kit)
*what is a DIY kit?

Traditional Pocket

Tuck all of your pieces into a traditional pocket. Put a backing behind your invite for a pop of color or leave it to stand alone. Put one, two or three information cards stacked neatly into the pocket. Pockets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can have the pocket to the right or on the bottom and can be used on both portrait and landscape invites.
starting at $6.30 each ($5.60 each DIY Kit)
*what is a DIY kit?

Customize Your Add-ons

What other things can you add on to your invite? This list is just some basic suggestions, but is by far not a full list of options. *prices below are based on the least expensive paper. Please contact me for a personalized quote.

Invite backing - $0.70
Double layer backing on your invite - $1.50
4x5 inset card - $1.00
3.5x5 insert card - $0.90
3.5x5 card backing - $0.60
Double sided card printing - $0.60
RSVP envelope printing - $0.30
Return address printing - $0.60
Guest address printing - $0.50