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The Design Experience

So you want to customize your wedding invitations - make them uniquely you right? I am a flexible and creative designer.
That’s my design jam. I want to inspire you with ideas and then let you creatively tweak designs to make them uniquely you.

If you find yourself searching and saying ‘ugh, that invitation would be perfect if ….’

You've found the right invitation store for sure. How does this all work though? I am a really organized person, so I like to look at things one piece at a time.

Look around the store for invitation designs that you like

Look for overall design concepts that catch your attention - fonts, graphics, layout - think all any little detail that makes you swoon. Don't limit yourself to looking at only specific colors - those are easy to change!

Write those down, save them to Pintrest, bookmark them for later.

Get a list going of what you're seeing. What do you love about those specific designs? Fonts? Colors? Graphics? A special touch like a wax seal or foil printing?

What do you not love about it? Is that font a bit too swirly or do you wish it were in silver instead of gold?

What is it missing? Do you wish you could add in a ribbon or a wax seal? Or are you dreaming of letterpress or foil?

Look around for ideas on blogs, Pinterest or in magazines. If you could combine the elements of all your favorite designs together, what would it look like?

Make a list - these are your ‘wants’ or your dreamy wish list.

Now let's think about your specific needs.

How many do you need? Get that guest list solid so we know if we’re looking for 50 invites or 200.

What pieces do you need to include? Do you need just an invite? Do you need an RSVP card or are your guests going to RSVP online? Do you need to tell them about hotel accommodations or parking or an after party? Would you like a pocket to organize it in or maybe just a lace band to hold it all together?

From minimalist to the works, there is something we can do for every wedding.

Once you think you have an idea of where you want to end up with your invites, fill out a
custom order form and let me take care of the rest. You can find that form at the bottom of any listing page on the website.

I have amazing software that allows me to make a quick sketch of your design ideas so you can see exactly what you're dreaming up, and if it isn't quite what you hoped it would be, we'll change it!

I’ll send you 2-3 sketches of different design ideas and we can start tweaking it from there until it’s perfect.

Once the design concept is perfect, we'll get your specific details in there with your wording and before you know it, you'll be inviting guests!!

Let's chat! Fill out the form here as a starting point!

Ask questions, shoot me ideas, I'm here to help! If you just can't decide, that's totally OK too! I'll take your wants, your wishes and your budget and guide you towards the products and colors that are right for your wedding.