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From paper tips to wedding inspiration, I've got you covered!

Want to add an elegant touch to your wedding invitations?   Try adding some laser cut designs to your invitations! As simple or as elaborate as you want, you can spice up your invitations to make them uniquely you.

Dress up Your Wedding Invitations with Luxury Laser Cut F...

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The Invitation is pretty straight forward ...   - who is getting married?   - when?   - where?    .... but then you get to that mysterious additional information card and that's where my couples freeze up. What exactly needs to go on there?

What to Include on an Info Card

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  • Fall Wedding Inspiration: Sabrina & Christian

    Fall Wedding Inspiration: Sabrina & Christian

    It's Fall wedding season, friends! When the summer season comes around, I'm always one step ahead. I'm thinking FALL - classic, elegant, and relaxed - just how fall can be for some! I'm really feeling the fall neutrals vibe right now, so that's when I thought up the Sabrina and Christian Collection!

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  • Luxury Printing 101 - Digital Metallic vs. Foil Printing

    Luxury Printing 101 - Digital Metallic vs. Foil Printing

        Printing can be overwhelming when you aren't in the biz. Before I started this I knew there were laser printers and ink jet printers and that's about where it ended.   Thankfully over the years I have worked with some really amazing printers that have helped guide this newbie through different options. Most of the time you just want to...

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  • 12 ideas for a Cactus or Succulent Wedding

    12 ideas for a Cactus or Succulent Wedding

    If you are a boho bride, or you live near the desert, a succulent or cactus vibe is perfect for you. You can turn potted cacti plans into centerpieces or favors. Hire a calligrapher to write on them for place cards. Use large cacti on site for photo backdrops. From cute cupcakes to elegant cakes there are so many great...

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  • Wedding Gallery

    I love sharing the weddings and styled shoots that I have been part of! These are  just some of my favorites!

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  • Tropical Beach Wedding Inspiration

    Tropical Beach Wedding Inspiration

    I'm in the mood for summer and I can't stop thinking about all things tropical. Read on for more tropical wedding inspiration!

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  • Entrepreneur Life

    Entrepreneur Life

    Today we're talking about my why.  How in the world did I get here?  When I first started dating my husband 15 years ago, I was getting a masters degree in biomedical engineering. Yep.

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  • Patterned Papers - Go Bold!

    Patterned Papers - Go Bold!

    Let's talk a bit today about using patterned papers in your wedding invitations. Most people think of using white or ivory and maybe a few accent colors. Friends, there are so many other colors you can use that are a bit outside of the box. I have an entire swatch deck from florals to geometric prints that you can use...

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  • Anything but White

    Anything but White

    Dare to be different and go against the grain. No one said your wedding invitations had to be white. Let's get creative today and see what we can do with colored papers!

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  • Patterned Papers as Accents!

    Patterned Papers as Accents!

    A little bit of a patterned paper can go a long way in your wedding invitation design. Today we are talking about small ways to use color to make a big impact on your invitation design and tie it all in together so it just makes sense and is cohesive through and through.

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  • RSVP Dates - Everything You Need To Consider for Wedding Success!

    RSVP Dates - Everything You Need To Consider for Wedding Success!

      When do you set your RSVP date?   It seems like such a little thing and you feel kind of stupid even asking your stationery designer for help here, but friends, we are here to help you out.

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